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Saturday Mornings

I’ve never been a morning person, not once in my life. I was always sleeping in and groaning and asking for five more minutes. I hated the energy of the morning and I hated the whole process of getting up and ready and positivity. I wrote about the ridiculousness of waking up with fervor.

But, I’ve got a secret. Saturday mornings are now my new favorites, and the earlier the better.


My internal clock is all sort of messed up from my work schedule, and it’s not novelty, but it still hurts. There are people all over the world who operate on strange schedules and don’t complain, but I’ve been sensitive lately, and more than I want to admit to. I’m so grateful to have this new job, but no matter what the seasons bring, rolling out of bed at 3 AM always means it is dark outside, and my body just about gives up trying to stay up past 9 PM these days. So I’m adjusting slowly, but there’s something still so off about it, no matter how many alarms I set or articles I read on REM cycles and adjustment techniques, it just seems so strange.

But Saturday mornings are my own, and selfishly so. No matter how far the week seems to have stretched me or how many unanswered text messages and emails I have ignored or not seen, those hours are perfect. I can’t sleep in like I used to, but even 8 AM feels like heaven. The sun spills in and it feels like a little bit of normalcy. I don’t have to be anywhere or anyone’s but my own and I can drown in leisurely reading or coffee sipped slowly instead of chugging it down in my car at a stoplight. I can be slow and old lady-ish and take my time. My anxiety of needing to see people and be the center of attention vanishes in alone time that is truly earned and a morning that doesn’t need to move fast. I’m forever an extrovert, and I firmly believe that a loud fun night with people can heal the soul, but the slowness and stillness is becoming as addictive in its own way.

Saturday morning when the sun just starts to creep in my windows is like a magic hour, and even though that sounds cheesy, I’ll take all the pixie dust I can find to believe in right now.

I can’t be your Friday night right now, but I can be your Saturday morning. ¬†And in all the moments of doubt and nervousness that I still have about my life and where it will go, I can relax in those moments alone. All the feelings of missing best friends in other states who are just trying to figure this out too and a boy who moved across the country to chase a dream are soothed with some quiet time.

Yes, there is something to be said for fast-paced and keeping up with the hustle, but I urge you that sometimes there is something almost romantic about taking your time. It’s like taking yourself on a date and forgetting curfew while it’s still light outside.

I’m not trying to start a revolution (not yet, at least) but if I could offer one piece of advice to you, internet: if you can, wake up early on Saturdays, but wake up slow. Put on something comfy, sip on something delicious, talk to God or talk to your dog or talk to yourself, but just rest. Turn off your phone, close your computer and stop getting hung up on connecting. Be ridiculously good and gentle to yourself in those quiet hours, and I promise it’ll pay off.

And if all else fails, I made you a playlist to help.

Because if I can’t tell you to enjoy it, men and women with acoustic guitars and smooth voices should do the trick.

Words Of Wisdom; Gaga

(Note: I like to quote people I love and call it “Words Of Wisdom”.)

“We are on the edge of glory, baby. In fact, I’m the MAYOR here on the Edge of Glory!”

-Mom, declaring our location to everyone in Target who was wondering

(Ps, Along with this quote, I love Gaga, no matter what anyone says. My heart is so excited that Clarence Clemons from my favorite E Street Band plays with her on the new album! Although this version of the song has no saxophone, I adore it, simply because it proves that she is so talented, even without the costumes and “controversy”. Just her and a piano and a thousand little monsters singing along. Enjoy!)

Words Of Wisdom; Citrus Conspiracy

(Note: I like to quote people I love and call it “Words Of Wisdom”.)

“A grapefruit? It doesn’t even look like a grape! It’s a great pretender! THIS is what Freddie Mercury was talking about!”

-Mom, contemplating the fruit basket we received for Christmas

(Shortly after spoken, she then launched into a rendition of this classic. The video makes it ten times better.)

Words Of Wisdom; Mother Knows Best

(Note: I like to quote people I love and call it “Words Of Wisdom”.)

“We’ve decided if there’s ever an apocalypse or society goes into anarchy, we’ll survive because your dad can go out and shoot all our dinner. I think we should start hoarding bacon, because anything tastes good wrapped in bacon. We could eat tree bark wrapped in bacon!”

-Mom, on how to prepare for total world chaos

Words Of Wisdom; Manning Style

(Note: I like to quote people I love and call it “Words Of Wisdom”.)

“You’re in college- this isn’t ‘real life.’ You know what real life is? A bunch of pigeons flyin’ above you. Think about it- what do pigeons do? They’re little, they’re annoying and they shit all over you. Some days you’re under a carport and it’s safe. But most days you’re out there just doing your best not to get hit.”

-Dad, on his view on the real world vs. college

Words Of Wisdom: An Intro

I have this……habit.

You see, in this head of mine I have a little dream to be a television writer someday. Because of this, dialogue swirls around in my brain happily, I script conversations before I have them, and when I hear a wonderful phrase, I get mildly obsessed.

Unfortunately, this means I have a habit of writing down things people have said and quoting them at a later date.

Fortunately, I am apt to share them. After all, I do believe that the people I love are rockstars and deserve to be celebrated in word form!

So, without further ado, I present you the first and hopefully not last installment of Words Of Wisdom, wherein I share a quote by someone near-and-dear to me that has inspired me recently.

“All I want to do is be a Real Housewife…and make this packet of HEB Country Gravy mix. In that order.”

-Zack Wilburn, on his future hopes and dreams