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If Happy Endings Gets Cancelled [+ a giveaway!]

If Happy Endings gets cancelled, I just might cry while flipping over a table.


Like, seriously.

Here is a show that is so clever, so much fun to watch, so well-written, so ahead of the curve, and it’s such a crime that more people aren’t watching it and haven’t realized the brilliance. I want to lend out my first 2 seasons on dvd to everyone who looks like they are having a rough day, exclaiming, “here, escape with six perfect characters in Chicago!” but so far this technique hasn’t been well received, however, that doesn’t mean I’m not trying.

If Happy Endings gets cancelled, it won’t come as a total shock, but that doesn’t mean it still won’t hurt. The facts are these: ABC has started to schedule it on both Sundays and Tuesdays, to garner ratings, and as they have done with forgotten gems in the past (R.I.P. Pushing Daisies!) don’t have any clue how to market it or who the target audience is. While Happy Endings could rope in the same zany humor that people have grown to love in Modern Family, it gets tossed around from timeslot to timeslot, chugging along as the smartest show on tv that no one seems to realize except for a dedicated few. Additionally, ABC is now playing 2 episodes at a time, using it to fill the timeslot of the just-cancelled Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, which can be good or bad, but probably bad.

If Happy Endings gets cancelled, who will supply me with puns? From Dave’s food truck, “Steak Me Home Tonight” to Max and Brad’s Bat Mitzvah Hype Crew, “Boys II Menorah” to every single week of jokes-on-jokes, I constantly feel so joyful about every line spoken. With most tv shows, I tend to laugh every few minutes but all-in-all, I know when they will occur and don’t expect them too often. However, Happy Endings harkens back to the 10-references-per-second speed that greats like Arrested Development mastered- and yes, as a tv aficianado and honoray member of the Bluth family, I know that comparing anything to Arrested Development is a huge compliment and quite a title to live up to, but Happy Endings deserves it and nails it each week.

If Happy Endings gets cancelled, how am I supposed to find another character so relatable as the fantastic Penny Hartz? I’ve been told by multiple sources that she and I are terribly alike, and I’ve learned to accept it. Penny is somewhat close to my spirit animal, and her constant speaking in abbrevs, wearing bright colors, having the worst relationship luck, talking about herself too loudly, and randomly busting out into Broadway-style song is comforting to me and reminds me that I’m not the only one, even if she is, in fact, fictional.

If Happy Endings gets cancelled, it will join a sad-yet-elite club of television shows that were killed off before their prime. The special edition dvd that I will purchase will sit alongside Arrested DevelopmentFreaks And GeeksVeronica MarsParty Down, and the stunning Pushing Daisies. Together I can collect these seasons, but nothing can bring back their brilliance (even though Arrested Development‘s upcoming new season for Netflix and movie does help soften the blow). If there was an animal shelter for abandoned tv shows, I would adopt them all, and even though that is a sentiment that is well received, I wish I didn’t even have to write this blog post in the first place. Maybe someday we can live in a world where tv shows with great scripts and heart and humor and yes, even some quirk and oddball humor and atypical, quick, smart dialogue, can survive and thrive, and Happy Endings will be at the forefront.


So, seriously, you should be watching this show.  Catch up with the episodes on Hulu, join me and this fantastic writer in our fight to spread the word, tweet at ABC, write to ABC, write your congressman, write the President, or just watch the first season this weekend and see if you don’t fall just a little bit in love.

Together we can do this! Together we can save Max, Dave, Alex, Brad, Jane, and Penny and make Happy Endings live on forever!

Besides, it’s not like we’re gonna be able to save Community.

Also, because I am so impassioned about all this:

if you leave a comment on this lovely blog post with your email, you can enter to win Happy Endings Season 1 on DVD, shipped with love from this lion to you!*

{*The Fine Print: you can only enter once and you have to be in the continental U.S. to win, but other than that, go for it! Contest ends in a week, aka February 5th! Tell all your friends!}

Here’s To The Fangirls (And Fanboys)

Here’s to the fangirls (and fanboys); I will never be cooler than you, because, well…I am you.

Here’s to the ones who have found that some form of art changed their life. It was a good book, a thrilling movie, a dynamic tv show or, my heart, a rock and roll album.

Here’s to the literature nerds who read something and felt the words jump off the very page and surround them and kept them wrapped up in chapters, unable to leave the story behind, and often, unable to tell where said story and reality differed. Here’s to the television enthusiasts who never miss a week of excellent screenwriting and storytelling and for years, follow the same characters and grow up with them. Here’s to movie-quoters and cinemaphiles who go to midnight premieres and dress up as cast members, who talk about directors like they are old friends and mentors, who get goosebumps upon seeing trailers for the first time and who have seen the originals of today’s remakes and foreign versions of classics. Here’s to yall! You love the characters, you love the screenplays, you love the dialogue, you love the authors, you love the cinematography, you love the memories you have associated with your movie or book or show and you love those that love all of it too.

Here’s to all of you– you make me feel so much less alone. You make me laugh sometimes with your dedication, but in the end, your passion is so amazing to me. In a generation of apathy and cynicism, you’ve found something you love and you’re not afraid of loving it so deeply and so brashly at times that you can’t help but be a little obnoxious. You found something else besides yourself, some little piece of art and you ran with it. You filled your days with it, planned your schedule around it, saw the beauty in it and it changed your life. You talk about it like it’s living and breathing and you love it. You LOVE it with every fiber of that beating heart in your chest, and I’m begging you, please don’t ever stop. Loving things should be much cooler than it is. It’s so cool these days to put down and criticize every single thing and your artform-loving heart gets crushed. Please don’t turn into that critic who may have made you reconsider loving what you love. We need more love in this pessimistic society.

And now, for the ones who I am associated the most with– here’s to the band fangirls and musically-obsessed boys; you crazy ones.

Here’s to the ones who talk about concerts like they are religious experiences (and find that they often actually are). Here’s to the ones who know the names of the four bass players the band has gone through since they started, the birthdays of their favorite lead singers, and have all the old eps and remixes memorized. The ones who buy the cd the day it comes out and listen to it for weeks straight. Here’s to the fans who frame ticket stubs and beg the security guard for the setlist taped onstage and ask for guitar picks and keep them in a scrapbook, no matter how nerdy.

Here’s to the music nuts. I am so grateful on my behalf and yours that some band or singer decided to put pen to paper and voice to microphone and instrument to pedalboard and then to an amp, as a result, made something that resonated with you. And it didn’t matter if they were the best-reviewed band on Pitchfork or Rolling Stone because they were yours and your ownership was important. Because you see, it wasn’t just another song; it was your song, your album, your lyric and your life in a melody. It made you feel young and old at the same time, alive and joyful and sad and scared and hopeful and connected. You played it on important days, you played it on random Tuesdays, you wrote the lyrics in pen on your hand in middle school or in puff paint on a homemade tshirt or in permanent ink in a tattoo. You used it to explain yourself and to express your feelings all at once.

Here’s to all of you, because you are my kind of people. I hope that one day we can all meet up and wear the ill-fitting band shirts we haven’t thrown away and tell all our concert stories. We can talk about that moment that the singer locked eyes with you or that time we heard a great song and it stopped us in our tracks or how we thought the last album was maybe too experimental but we still bought it or how we should have been alive or at least old enough to attend that one band’s shows during their good years or best era of music.

Here’s to all of you crazies, and may you never stop listening, never stop reading, never stop watching, never stop singing along, never stop believing in silly things like tv and books and movies and rock and roll and soul and pop and country and acoustic and bluegrass and metal and even dubstep and screamo and new-age synth.

However idealistic it may be, don’t grow up and forget what being a fan feels like. Don’t let people tell you you’re too old to truly love things with your whole heart, because I sure do think the world could use a whole lot more of you.*

(*As well as venues that accommodate for a whole lot more front row seats, so that we can all sit together.)

Pop Culture Taught Me : Meaningful Mornings

I know that I can talk about the ongoing love affair that I have with my coffeemaker pretty constantly–

(we're thinking a June wedding)

–but until I actually get coffee into my system, no talking usually occurs. You see, I’m not exactly a morning person, and by “not exactly” I mean that I walk around in a zombie-like state for a long time and every day I bless my parents for having to grow up with the grumpiest crankiest child for 18 straight years of mornings.

However, television makes me feel even worse about this.

On every show that seems to have any little trace of family values, the morning is used as a normal, productive time. Television show characters all sit around the breakfast table and drink neon-orange juice out of spotless glasses, Dad reads the paper with his coffee mug in one hand and Mom asks the kids about their upcoming school days. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

I’m not saying that my family didn’t communicate and love each other, but it certainly wasn’t as put-together and picturesque. I mean, everyone in tv shows is dressed and ready and super-awake when the sun comes up. Full House was always a party in the AM. Leave It To Beaver constructed major plot points before 7 o’clock. Heck, even the drama of The OC had happy times with bagels!

Some shows have countered this with a little more truth. Modern Family probably gets the most realistic, everyone-on-their-phones approach,

and, of course, Arrested Development will ALWAYS take the cake in my book,

but even so, I still feel like every morning is supposed to be shiny and Brady-Bunch-happy-go-lucky!

This is probably not ever going to be reality–

–but give me a breakfast taco and some caffeine and I’ll do my best to add my own laugh track. Or, at the very least, a coherent sentence once in a while before I rush out of the door to bigger and better things: like, say, lunchtime.

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The World Is A Golden Girl

I judge people based on which Golden Girl they most closely resemble.

(i'm a dorothy, obv)

Ever since I decided owning TGG (oh yes, it has its own abbreviation in my house) on DVD was a good idea, it’s been so apparent. You see, I have this little routine where I watch at least one episode before I go to sleep every night. It’s lighthearted and fun and features four strong women with bold fashion choices, so naturally it is a great pseudo-lullaby or bedtime story.

But the problem is, now I’m fully invested and think about the Golden Girls far too often. I mean, with some tv shows, the writers present a lot of material to chew on. With a program that’s a sci-fi gem like Battlestar Galactica, you can delve into the storylines and arcs and look for symbolism and references. With a comedy like Community, you can wonder about the will-they-or-won’t-they chemistry between Jeff and Annie. With The Golden Girls, all that you can speculate on is what flavor of cheesecake they are going to eat in the next episode.

So, while it’s not exactly edge-of-your-seat-tv, I find myself thinking about it long after I’ve stopped watching, and then applying Golden traits to those around me, for better or worse.

  • I’ll hear someone telling a long story with no end in sight and I’ll think, “that’s so Rose Nylund of them!”

  • I wait for old women to mention how their life was better back in Sicily like Sofia.

  • Those girls I see that are always updating their statuses on Facebook with love song lyrics and tweeting about boy problems? Total Blanche move.

  • If I make a good sarcastic comment, I’ll feel myself channeling Dorothy. I can’t help it!

And because I’m a Dorothy (based on my low voice, short temper fuse and adoration for puns), there might be times where I’m annoyed with Roses around me, roll my eyes at those Blanches and cottle the Sophias that I know, but when it all comes down to it, at the end of the day, we all live in the same house and we all eat cheesecake together to solve our problems. See?! It works! I think that sentence may provide the answer to world peace. Let’s all just be active retired females and get along! You’re welcome, world. Thank you for being a friend.

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