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Invisible Shoes and Ideas

I have a big mouth and I talk nonstop. (See Exhibit A.)

I fill silences, speak at increasing speeds and craft sentences at the drop of a hat. What do I do with that?

I have plenty of time to spend talking about nonsense, but every now and then I get this feeling that I want to talk about important things. Important ideas.

I look at organizations and movements like TOMS and Invisible Children and feel so small. They were started by people not much older than I. Where did that great idea come from? Divine intervention? Chance? Happenstance? Fortune cookies? Right-Place-Right-Time?

I want one of those moments.

I can’t search for my genius idea or manufacture it or wait for it to arrive in the mail. I just want that idea, that life-changing idea, that idea that gets other people as excited as I am about things, because, well, I can be really excited. Honestly, I have experience celebrating often and I can jump up and down with great success, so all I need is a really good reason to do so.

So what DO I have to get this great-idea-process off the ground? The ability to speak, at least.

I have to talk to people. Hear their story and share it with the world. Get out there and chat it up with those who haven’t had a voice. Discover!!!  Because hey, I can watch a documentary and buy a pair of new shoes (ps, Santa, I’m a size 9) but ultimately the impact should be much more. Furthermore, even if all my efforts don’t go into the specific organization-of-the-moment, learning about anything exciting or revolutionary or grass-roots-driven should spur me on to find my own challenge to bring to light.

If there’s anything that The Social Network taught me (besides the fact that Aaron Sorkin is a boss), it’s that one little idea, whether good or bad, can take the world by storm, even if this idea is developed by an emotionally-unstable nerd. And here’s the thing– I’d like to think I’m at least a rather emotionally-stable nerd, so hey, that should make my chances even better.