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Mustard Yellow Life-Affirmation

In such a celebrity culture, I think my generation for the most part feels so much pressure to make every single minute of our lives EPIC. We want to upload fabulous instagrams to twitter and write captivating instantly-liked status updates and make everyone want in our crazy shiny well-lit photographed lives!

But sometimes that’s just not reality.

I’ve admitted to struggling with feeling like I’m not having enough fun or living my life as crazily as I should be and I know that this is the ultimate white girl problem in the history of the world, but if I’m being honest, it’s not easy to get rid of! I love the life I lead, but sometimes my little heart has moments of jealousy. Mindy Kaling’s new book is entitled “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” and I cannot tell you how much I identified with the title alone. (Also, the book is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough and I identify so much with it and it makes me laugh out loud literally. Buy It!)

Is it sad to live in fear that my life is not as ‘insaaaaane’ as everyone else’s on my Facebook newsfeed?!

The biggest exciting point in my life today was getting a mustard-yellow scarf that was originally $25 on sale for $9. And it is a huge scarf! A big huge mustard-yellow fashion-forward scarf! AND I THINK I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS SCARF!

This scarf represents so much more than a article of clothing scored for little cash. This scarf really did make my day wonderful. Seeing it on the rack, I pictured it making all my outfits full of sunshine. I got to throw it across my shoulders dramatically like an old movie star when trying it on. My roommate bought a matching one in red so that we look like mustard & ketchup! And you know what? I will proudly wear this scarf and document its existence and not feel bad about the fact that it dominated my afternoon.

I’m all about celebrating the simple things. If my life isn’t always one big outlandish party, that’s alright! Some days may seem more exciting than others, but today, let it be known that mustard yellow trumps everything else.

P.S. Guys, Ryan Gosling was in Austin, Texas this weekend. I live near Austin. I work in Austin. Obsessing over a celebrity is juvenile and spilling details over the internet is tacky, though, so in order to paint myself in the best light, all I will say is: he is beautiful (really).

P.P.S. Also, in 10 years when Terrance Malick finally releases the “upcoming project” that RGos was filming, I will be looking for my name in the credits…even if my credit is “Girl staring at RGos“.