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2.5 cups of strong coffee and i can pretty much conquer the world

16 or so of my best friends that i love that i miss so very much

0.5 months till i can finally listen to christmas music in public without being chastised or made fun of!

249382784539 dogs in the world that i want to adopt and love and snuggle

4 different layers that i am wearing today, because 59 degrees is cold when you are from texas, okay

6 foods that i usually aim to eat in some way as much as possible- bacon, cheese, avocado, sweet potato, jalapeno, honey

50 different places i’ve never been that i want to go to really badly

1,998 (and counting) pins on pinterest of things i don’t have, food i’m not eating and clothing i am not wearing and i wonder if this is healthy, BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE AND WONDERFUL

4 bobby pins required, at least if you’d like me to look presentable

16 hours of recorded shows on the DVR that i should probably watch one of these days

100,000 miles coming up on my odometer, so, okay i’ll buy the high mileage oil this time

8 more days till i go home and get to see my family and eat real seafood and texmex and play on the water and celebrate thanksgiving in style (!!!!)

21 days until Ray LaMontagne and I will have an acoustic heart-to-heart

1 extra shot in that chai latte, please, or i’ll nap

45 emails i need to respond to, 3 of which i am actually excited about

3 record players in our house, but who’s counting?

285 listens of this song and i am still blown away and in love and waiting on the tips of my toes for her new album to come out so i can buy it and listen to it all day and just RELATE

7 different to-do lists, but no, i’m not obsessive about them at all

100 new business cards that make me feel all official and professional and connected

3 months that i’ve lived here and i’m slowly starting to think of it as home

2 roommates and 1 huge dog that are all fantastic

1 cute boy who makes me pancakes in the morning

1 happy, somewhat healthy lion learning to make rent and how to have a job and how to be an adult

1 more thing: thanks for reading this blog

Things I Will Never Be Able To Accurately Express With Words

Surprise- I made you a list post, internet! But really, you should expect them by now.

I aim to always be able to use words to express how I’m feeling, tell a story, explain a phenomenon and sing along, but sometimes I can’t string them together well enough. Being a blogger, I swirl ideas around constantly and keep a running commentary both written and spoken to add on, but there are times where this just doesn’t work. You see, there are a few subjects and occurrences that I am left high and dry on and struggle to even say. So, that’s what I’m after today. Blame it on writer’s block, but here are the –

Things I will never be able to accurately express with words:

How much I miss Clarence Clemons’ saxophone on the newly-leaked Bruce Springsteen album

How hard it is to stay focused on ANYTHING when you are unemployed, 21, moving out, applying to jobs, getting interviews, getting rejection emails, and trying to figure out where to live in your postgrad life all at the same time

How cute baby kangaroos are

How much I turn into a needy buy-me-this child whenever I see a piece of clothing with sequins and/or glitter on it

How I could live inside this video/how the lyrics can be felt in my very SOUL/how soothing the voice of Ray LaMontagne truly is:

How much running out of coffee give me anxiety

How many days I could survive on only grilled cheese and pancakes

How hard it is to act professional and grown-up when your phone accidentally goes off and the ringtone is Beyonce’s “Countdown”

How much better I need to get at loving people in general

How hard I am hyping The Hobbit coming out at the end of this year

The amount of sadness that is experienced when you lose your favorite leather jacket to a night on 6th Street in Austin

How much joy Adele sweeping the Grammys brought to my heart and made me wanna buy 5 more copies of “21” (again)

How much better I sleep after I’ve spent all day talking and laughing and playing with my favorite people

How great an idea “never-ending breadsticks” was and is and continues to be

How frustrating writer’s block is when you tell people constantly, “Yes, I would love to be a writer when I grow up!”

How hard it is to NOT go to the animal shelter and set loose all the kitties and puppies and steal them away in my Rav4

How simple the phrase “Jesus loves you” is and yet how its repercussions are so huge and forgotten by little old me

How greatly I wish I could be crafty and DIY-ish but fail miserably each time

The overwhelming love I feel from the internet and beyond on a daily basis. Thanks, yall.