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Road Trip Fever (again)

The funny thing about being back-and-forth between two places is that it starts to feel normal. You live your life pretty fully for 3 to 4 days and then you just expect to get in your car and get back on the road. It’s not that you don’t establish roots or enjoy your time, you just expect that it will be temporary, which is the strangest phenomenon.

I wrote a post about my obsession with 1970s bohemia and my lifegoal of a huge road trip last year and it’s funny how much it comes back into play these days. Writing that post made me discover several other road trip blogs (primarily this one and this one and oh goodness, THIS one cause she lived in a WINNEBAGO) which only made me more eager to pack everything into a bag and buy a Volkswagen Bus and set sail across the nation!

Of course, this all comes to a screeching halt now that I am graduated. It’s still a dream to set off into the wild blue yonder, yes, but now my life is about finding a job and finding somewhere permanent, or rebelling against that temporary tendency. This thought of home doesn’t scare me at all, I mean, I’ve been a homebody for 21 years now, only had 3 addresses that I can remember and only really kicked off my boots in 2 states (the greatest 2 of all, though), but it’s just balancing this dream with reality that gets me irked a little.

I mean, one of the greatest revelations is that YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY, right?

You see, I’ve got glimpses of traveling. Amateur snapshots I take at stoplights, half-built traffic singalongs, highway sunsets and the past month or so that I’ve spent back and forth between the two places my heart loves most in Texas, and these glimpses satisfy for now. At this moment I am content to soak up the small miles I do cover. I am happy to only be on the road in 5-hour intervals.

But what about something bigger? What about a whole nation or even a whole world to explore?

I joke that one of these days I am just going to up-and-leave and become a flight attendant, but more and more it seems so appealing. The more I drive and the more I stay in places for shorter periods of time, the more I wonder if the road (or sky!) is a far-fetched dream or a logical next step.

So for now, I’m not sure of everything that I am learning being so touch-and-go every week, but I am learning to love cruise control. I’m learning that most gas stations give you a discount on coffee if you bring your own travel mug. I’m learning that free wifi is a great thing, but also a curse because it makes you want to stop. And oh yeah, at least I am learning how to (most efficiently) pack a suitcase.

“Aunt Kelsey, we’re gonna need bigger luggage.”