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I Started A Line of Wines, You Guys

A woman I look up to daily, Miranda Lambert, has her own wine line, and I’ve always been jealous of her puns- in particular, the “White Liar” Chardonnay. At this point in time, if you’re interested, you can also enjoy wines curated and created by Drew Barrymore, AC/DC, Sting, and the beards over at Duck Dynasty, so I figured that if any major celebrity could make it happen, I should take my own crack at it. Besides, if you never try (the wine), you’ll never know (if you should drink the whole bottle).

So, may I present:

The Lion-Haired Girl Wine Line!

“Business Cashz”

– a full-bodied red that looks good when held in your well-manicured hand and rocking your J. Crew shirtdress that you stalked online until it went on sale and rationalized as a great office wardrobe staple for an after-hours event.* ( *Does not actually contain any alcohol whatsoever, so that you don’t make any embarrassing comments at a work function, but still can sip like an adult.)

“I only wanted an appetizer anyway”

— a bubbly Rosé that hits you with a surprisingly sharp finish, akin to the feeling of opening a menu at a really nice restaurant and realizing while you don’t go out, and no, 2-for-1-pizza-and-beers-night doesn’t count

“Call Your Parents”

— a Pinot Grigio that once chilled and opened, should be finished within the evening. Though initially tart, it develops a sweet aftertaste the more you let it breathe, and once your defenses are down, you realize that they’re really on your side and want the best for you in every situation. The grapes, I mean. The grapes definitely want the best for you.


— I’ll be honest, it’s actually not a wine we make in-house. This is just Barefoot Moscato or Skinnygirl Margarita, depending on just how your night is going and bank account looks.

“This Again?”

— a single-serving-sized mini bottle of Cabernet that doesn’t need to be chilled, so that it can be busted out at any time to console a past decision, problem, person, hair color, or terrible moment that still cripples you, but can be finished quickly so you don’t linger on these feelings AND so that you don’t feel pressure to down a whole bottle so it doesn’t ‘spoil’. Popular for weeknights.

“Reality TV is A Hobby”

 – a sparkling white that you’re almost embarrassed to buy, but it’s just so easy to drink. Comes with a bedazzled glass that can hold the entire bottle, so you don’t have to share. Pairs well with a Real Housewives marathon (Beverly Hills, Orange County or Atlanta preferred, but any city works).

Sold in a 2-pack with our other popular sparkling white wine,

“That Girl”,

— tastes exactly like a Pumpkin Spice Latte, actually.

“21st Century Breakup”

— a blend of grapes that don’t really go together, but you try to rationalize that it’s going to taste good anyway. The label might be a little deceiving, or it might have aged a little too long. A small sensor in the top of the bottle sends a text alert to your 4 best girlfriends when you uncork it, while at the same time locking your personal phone and computer from all social media and texting functions. It always gives you a headache the next morning, but that’s because you’re not really yourself when you’re drinking it, and these things take time. (Can be ordered in bulk.)

“The Small Things!”

an extra dry champagne that’s not hard on your wallet. It’s sold with non-optional edible glitter to add to each glass. Customers have told us they used it to celebrate job promotions, birthdays, graduations and engagements, as well as good hair and lipstick days, paying off credit cards, new pets, mastering a Pinterest recipe on the first try, welcoming a new friend, making a fitness goal and actually achieving it, getting enough hours of sleep, and simply being thankful for your life and letting yourself gently learn from mistakes. (Can also be ordered in bulk.) (Should be ordered in bulk.)




(Fine Print: Pre-orders are now available via Twitter. First batch expected to ship in August of 2015 because I have to give the grapes I stomped on in my vintage bathtub and then mixed with alcohol time to get old and wine-y. No refunds. Also, legally I’m supposed to tell you that I don’t know how to technically make wine, but I’m sure there’s a Youtube tutorial somewhere.)

Underrated American Freedoms

I am a big fan of Christmas, but if you ask me what my favorite holiday is, I will have to go with 4th of July. It’s not just that I appreciate stars and stripes (because, take one look at my closet and you will see that I do), it’s that I feel like 4th Of July has no pressure to celebrate any certain way. Sure, there are some traditions that are almost universal, but there’s no set group of family or people that you have to spend the day with. The term “American” is so vast, that really, no matter your religious affiliation, family drama (or lack thereof), bank account status, or celebratory style, you can have a happy 4th of July. You can go out or you can watch fireworks from the couch. You can grill hot dogs, or you can get takeout. You can wear an Uncle Sam hat or you can throw on an old tee shirt.

In a way, 4th of July is a lazy holiday, and well, it’s fitting, because America is sometimes a little lazy. But hey, when it’s the middle of summer, what’s wrong with an easy, lazy celebration?

My personal 4th celebration this year was easy. Give me friends, fried pickles, beers, and fireworks, and I’m over the moon, but all this joy also got me thinking about a few underrated freedoms that I and those close to me get the chance to personally exercise in this great nation. For example, thanks to the USA, my friends and I can proudly have:

The freedom to wear leggings as pants

The freedom to get chicken nuggets as a side with your burger

The freedom to rock American themed nail art

The freedom to use whatever emoji you please

The freedom to fast forward through commercials with your DVR

The freedom to listen to the same Foxy Shazam song on repeat for a week straight

Historically, the freedom to throw tea into a harbor because I AM OVER PAYING TAXES

The freedom to spend way too much on fancy cheese at Whole Foods

The freedom to see Pixar movies in theaters and cry at their simple beauty, no matter how old you are

The freedom to daydream and read all day in bed

The freedom to write in whoever you want on the presidential ballot (even though it’s very rare that Beyonce and/or Miranda Lambert will win)

The freedom to dance in the aisle at the grocery store

The freedom to say “I love you” to anyone that strikes your fancy

The freedom to turn off your phone for a while and soak up life wholeheartedly

The freedom to take college classes or even major in ridiculously creative things like Writing, Pop Culture Studies, Television, Duct Tape Art, etc!

The freedom to get tattoos and be proud of the fact that you’ll be the ‘resident badass’ of the retirement home in 60 years

The freedom to change cities, friendships, relationships, and jobs, when you feel like one of them isn’t letting them be 100% of the person you need to be

The freedom to waste your afternoon on YouTube learning hair braiding tutorials

The freedom to wear bright neon socks with business-professional shoes (like a little secret that only you know!)

The freedom to NOT agree with everything someone tells you to believe and to express this in a healthy way, publicly, without fear

The freedom to have our needs like food allergies, dietary restrictions, skin sensitivities, etc, catered to by restaurants and stores! We can be picky!

The freedom to take other traditions from all cultures and put em all together in a red white and blue melting pot and call it AMERICAN.

So I hope this Fourth of July (or every single day of this year so far) that you listened to some Bruce Springsteen, rocked an American flag bandanna, lit things on fire, drank a beer, ate a burger, ooh’d and ahh’d at fireworks, or that you did none of the above, because ultimately, you had, and continue to have, that choice.

There are men, women, and children of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, races, creeds, and languages who have fought for and continue to fight for our right to  have that choice of celebration and furthermore, simply, fight for our existence as Americans, lazy and easy as it may be for some.

It’s a beautiful place we live in, and however you decide to celebrate this great land of ultimate self-expression is lovely and accepted.

So God Bless America, flaws and all. We may not have it together, but we can still be proud in the midst.

And no matter what, I can promise you I will personally fight forever for the right to have big hair, for all generations.

What underrated freedoms are you thankful for?

Time To Ramble On?

I have been searching on eBay and Craigslist for a Volkswagen Bus for years now.

You see, I have a dream of packing up my life into a Volkswagen bus or an airstream trailer and taking to the open road. I’d still call and write and send picture messages, but the freedom of the open road is so tempting. Plus, I love small towns, breakfast foods, people who can play the heck out of instruments and historical landmarks, and I have a feeling that there are so many of these things out there that I haven’t seen yet!

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Airstream Song’ always hits truth with me. “Sometimes I wish I lived in an airstream, homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy- break a heart, roll outta town, cause gypsies never get tied down.” Maybe it’s the escape of traveling that I love so much; kicking up dust and never looking in the rear view mirror. Maybe it’s because the music closest to my heart and my style from decor to clothing always points to the fact that I always wanted to be a carefree child of the 60s and 70s, rolling down the highway with my little hippie caravan family along for the ride. Blame my gypsy soul. Blame it on my wild heart, even. Whatever it is, it remains at the back of my mind and gets stronger every time I take a road trip or when I watch the Discovery Channel or even when I hear an especially good Led Zeppelin song and want to start ramblin’ on.

For a time I always thought it would just be me on this trek, but more and more I think I’m gonna need someone in the passenger seat. I don’t often get crushes (we’ve been over this before) so it wouldn’t have to be romantic. Just someone to switch off driving shifts with, take pictures of scenic moments, sing along to classic rock (the official soundtrack of the open road!) and share waffles when I order too many of them. That’s not so much to ask, right?

I mean, sure, if it was all cute and crush-y, I’d be all sorts of lovey-dovey. Is it too hippie of me to want to spend my first years of marriage (if in fact I do get roped into gettin’ hitched) on the road? How perfect would that be? Just exploring the countryside and wearing out the radio with great music for miles and miles, and of course, make the goal of getting at least one kiss in every single state, because well, IT’S CUTE. And the pictures would be cute and true love travels miles and documents these miles and you know, while I’m daydreaming I might as well daydream sickeningly-cute goals, right?!! Thousands of miles, hundreds of diners, one bus, two of us and at least 48 kisses. Not too shabby.

Oh- what’s that? Is that you calling, real world? What’s that you’re asking? What will I do for money on the road? You mean no one wants to pay me to blog and stargaze and picnic and come up with puns and amateur-ly play my guitar and ukulele yet? Really?

Guess I’ll have to hold out a few years.

(Airstream Picture Link, Volkswagen Picture Link)

TN Adventures (First Week)

I’m in Nashville now.

I could hype this post or use a lot of words to tell you that, but rather, plain and simple, I’m out of Texas and in Tennessee. But with those four words come so many more things, internet. I started interning at a wonderful place called SiriusXM exactly a week ago, but it feels like it may have been years already.

The CMA Music Festival is a crazy event that happens once a year in Nashville, for 40 years now, where essentially, country music invites its biggest players and myriads of fans to the city for four days of crazy crowds and crazy-good concerts. It seems almost too-perfect that it also coincided with my first week of interning at SiriusXM which means my first week was probably the most chaotic I’ll ever have. But, and I can say this strongly…I LOVED this first week.

I loved it because hey, there are a few dozen or so memories, and, coincidentally, photos, that I’d never have gotten anywhere else!

I loved it because of the events that happened! (I know, “DUH!”) Yes, there was lots of meeting artists, attending fancy press conferences, standing in photo pits and using media passes to get in different shows, but it’s the little things that stick out to me, like editing and voicing audio snippets and then hearing them on the air, crying laughing while trying to learn how to pronounce “Aldean” correctly in a locker room, instantly bonding with everyone I work with and skipping out on seeing the final Taylor Swift performance for the sake of coming back to the office and having a mini ice cream party in the conference room.

I loved it because every bit of the chaos was all directed towards music, which is my first love. This town is easy to get distracted in when every single bar has melodies trailing out of its doors at all hours of the day and night, but I couldn’t ask for anything more exciting, really! Music takes on such an importance to me, and  instead of the usual “oh, well that’s nice” response, the people I work with are the same! We’re all musically obsessed together! Every last detail of albums, tours, lyrics is all considered vital and of course, this could be considered a plug, but our office is always playing something great on the radio!

I don’t usually fall in love fast, as I’ve said before, but this love for my ridiculously-all-of-the-sudden Nashville life happened in just one week.

So, at this rate…who knows what two weeks in this town might bring?!!

(Most photos all provided by my homegirl Kathrine Brock– she is a rockstar!)