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Likes Lately; March 2011

Here’s an original post for blogging:


But seriously, is a happy-list a cop-out? Am I denying you my words and rambles to put in little pictures and captions of precious items? Am I trying to brainwash you to like all the same things I like?!?!

Ehh, probs. But, who cares! It’s time for another installment of:


So what do I like right now? Try to hold back your excitement and let’s find out!!!

Yellow Bird Project!

If you haven’t heard of Yellow Bird Project, then prepare for a whole bunch of wonderful! Whether you think raising money for charities is effective or not, if you’re anything like me, you can at least agree that when you love a musical artist enough, you simply HAVE to display on your own self in the form of a teeshirt. And so, the indie rock community decided to combine these two. YBP sells shirts that both designed by the artists and bands AND the proceeds of the sale of said shirts goes to the charity of the artists’ choice. The designs and colors vary and the artists range from Bon Iver and TV on the Radio to Rilo Kiley, Beach House and The Shins, just to name a few. Also, the shirts are super snuggly soft, which, for me, is always a major selling point!

The Show Ponies!

I may have discovered the most perfect duet for a sunny, lovely day ever written!

Okay, so this one hits a little close to home, because actually, that adorable redhead, Andi, is a dear friend of mine from high school and she is, quite possibly, the sweetest girl on the planet, not to mention the fact that she is ridiculously talented! The Show Ponies are currently trying to make an album, and so are asking for donations through their ridiculously grand IndieGoGo website. Seriously, one little dollar goes a long way, and an album from them would be the perfect soundtrack to summer, yes? Yes indeed.


Some may argue that a snocone is nothing more than flavored ice, but I will argue that it is SO much more magical. Each bite of a snocone on a hot summer day is like crossing the finish line of a marathon- it’s rewarding and oh-so-refreshing. And, living in Texas, the “hot summer day” weather is already here in March! Of course, this “like” is unfortunately not fulfilled because the legendary snocone trailer near our apartment is not open yet. Until then, I’ll watch slideshows of last year’s snocone memories while playing sad music. That’s normal…right?

Death Star PR!

You, internet, are very familar with the expression, “LOL”. Unfortunately, I think when this is most often exclaimed, not much laughter is actually occuring. However, I daresay that Death Star PR has caused a few actually-LOL-worthy moments in my life! If you’re a Star Wars fan at all, or if you’re secretly a Jedi, you simply must follow them on twitter, for gems like this:

I rest my case.

What do you like lately, internet? I’d love to hear!


(You can find the first installment of Likes Lately here!)

Likes Lately

Here’s an original post for blogging:


But seriously, is a happy-list a cop-out? Am I denying you my words and rambles to put in little pictures and captions of precious items? Am I trying to brainwash you to like all the same things I like?!?!

Ehh, probs. But, onward, to the list!!!


40 Blinks Sleep Mask- Okay, so I have a very love/hate relationship with sleeping, as in, I love to sleep but I hate that I’m so bad at it. No seriously, if sleeping well was a class, I would be failing. However, for some reason I get a little zen feeling when I slip this baby on over my mane and it keeps out all distractions. Okay, I still have insomniac tendencies, but hey, ultimately it is kind of adorable.

Paula Deen’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies– I’m no domestic goddess, but I have a really large sweet tooth and these are ahh-mazing. In addition to the fact that they are made by God’s Fallen ButterQueen Angel, they are so simple you can’t hardly screw anything up and every time I’ve made them I’ve gotten rave reviews…as in, they disappear almost instantly.

thedownplayer.com – I know I already have this linked on the side of my blog, but it deserves being mentioned twice! Free music every day + posts that makes my indie-rock-new-band-bloggin’ heart sing, literally!

And finally, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the expression, “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” in the past few months, but now that even my parents have even taken to quoting him, I simply must make sure you’ve seen this piece of internet wonder. Without further ado, Sassy Gay Friend, take it away…

What do you like lately, internet? What’s making you happy? I love hearing good recommendations!

Tigers and Bears Ain’t Got Nothin’

Confession: I don’t actually think of myself as a lion.*

*Okay, so there are occasional moments, but mainly the title “Lion-Haired Girl” derives from my enormous mane of hair and the accompanying nicknames it has gained throughout life. After various occasions, I grew quite close to the title “Lion-Haired” and so established it as a blog name, for better or worse.

However, in taking on this title, I have suddenly become more aware and interested in Popular Lion Culture. After all, if I am to go on representing lions everywhere to society, I might as well know them through-and-through.

And what better way to do that then with a list?! (Yeah, there might actually be a better way…but I happen to love lists.)

Lion-Haired Girl’s Popular Lions To Know!

(+ accompanying pros and Cons of each)

Simba, The Lion King

PROS: He cannot wait to take the throne, is a bit of a romantic, makes friends with outcasts from all walks of life and sets the standard for a well-maintained mane.
CONS: Has vivid dreams in bodies of water, an odd accompanying baboon, and a bit of a rough family life, including a slew of daddy-issues and an overbearing uncle.

Aslan, The Chronicles Of Narnia

PROS: He is gentle yet intimidating, literally self-sacrificing, fights battles with ease, was written into existence by one of the greatest literary geniuses to ever live, and has, in my opinion, a very soothing voice.
CONS: You have to live up to his already-high standards. I mean, what does anyone talk about with Aslan? You can’t just water-cooler it up. He’s got the worries of Narnia’s inhabitants and the burden of protecting them, so I hardly think he’d be reading US Weekly and googling pictures of cupcakes with me.

Elsa, Born Free

PROS: She’s abandoned so a couple takes her in and they raise her and then they have to set her free….I mean, she loves them…and…they love her…and then she comes back…and her paws…sorry, I need tissues for this one.
CONS: Has anyone else ever seen this classic? Anyone? I always reference it and get blank stares. But oh well, my grandmother and I will keep singing the main title and sniffling at the end.

Leo The Lion, The Beginning of every MGM Film

PROS: He’s pretty famous and recognizable and gets to roar his loudest before several great stories are told via film.
CONS: It’s like Aslan, I mean, who’s going to live up to that? He’s practically an icon. You just know he’s a diva, even though all he’s got going for him is that one measly meow.

Conclusion: While this is not a competition, it’s clear I’ve got some serious standards to live up to. I will not take things lightly. If I am to grow this mane, I promise to protect the Lion image, internet.

Yes, I will stand for justice and loyalty and leadership and freedom and massive manes everywhere.

But first, I’m working on my roar.

(Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, & 4. Edited/”Enhanced” by yours truly.)

Resolution 9

Apologies to Lennon & McCartney for this pun, but: you say you want a resolution, well, you know, we all want to change ourselves…

I’ve decided to decide on my New Year’s resolutions a little later than most, so that I’ve really had time to think about them fully and mull them over thoroughly. Either that, or I’m just lazy, you decide.


1. Create more- videos, songs, rhymes, friendships and pies!
2. Write more consistently and often (ahem, HELLO BLOGOSPHERE!)
3. Perfect a pie crust recipe
4. Write at least 15 new songs
5. Build my resume with actual titles and jobs (what, dogwalker and plant-waterer doesn’t count?)
6. Be better about responding to text messages in a timely manner
7. Play more concerts/shows/open mic nights
8. Take myself less seriously
9. Live my life like I am completely in love with it…because, well, I am!

(And now, internet, I’m going to do that crazy thing that all bloggers do and end my post with a question in BOLD to involve you. Is is scary? A little. Is it kinda weird? A little. Do I want to hear from you? Yes, but this is my first time asking, so be gentle with your comments.)

What are you resolution-ing this year?

Somewhat-Impossible Christmas List

It would be easy to send you links of practical presents I want, internet. I could rattle on about material things I desire, but instead, I’ve compiled a list of things that are nearly never going to be achievable but I can still wish away towards! So without further ado, I present:

Lion-Haired Girl’s Doesn’t-Fit-Under-The-Tree-And-May-Be-Impossible-To-Get Christmas Wishlist 2010!

1. A job at Sterling-Cooper Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue, NYC, circa 1962.Sure it’s a fictional place of business and yes, I probably watch Mad Men a little too obsessively often, but I think I could make a real viable addition to the office, that is, once I stopped drooling over how beautiful my coworkers are and how fabulous the Sixties-Era-fashion is.

2. Ukulele Lessons (and/or just general lessons in how to be awesome) from Julia Nunes

Ahh, this girl. Where do I even begin? She is wonderfully talented at ukulele and guitar and sweet harmonies, makes killer videos and yes, internet, may be part of the reason why I first picked up a uke in the first place. If I had to pick a favorite video- this one is pretty marvelous. But please, go see for yourself, I promise you’ll end up a fan.

And while we’re at it,

3. Soul-singing lessons with Adele

She’s barely 21. This is her acoustic with no one enhancing any sort of sound. Homegirl knows what she’s doing. I. GET. CHILLS.

4. A DeLorean

Why? Because the way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

And finally,

5. The ever-present wish that MY LIFE WAS, IN FACT, A MUSICAL

What a glorious feeling this would be indeed.

I hope you have the merriest Christmastime possible and your heart stays warm (but just metaphorically, because heartburn really ruins Christmastime snacking) all day and night!

(Photo credits: 1,2,3,4)

Get to know your Lion

There might be a quiz later.

1. I started a blog because:

a). I talk much more than I listen, so I hope to write some of it down to get all these thoughts out and learn to listen better.

b). I like to write, honestly, whether the words are inspired or just journal-y.

c). I have a lot of free time and whimsy and I get bored easily (see #6)

2. My friends and family are like rockstars in my life. I talk about them a lot, I love them a lot, I get excited at the mere mention of their names.

3. That said, there’s not much I enjoy more than sharing a meal with people I love.

4. I aim to live my life following the words and grace of Jesus Christ. He reminds me of his goodness and teaches me more daily.

5. I love music- hearing it, playing it, sharing it, dancing with it on, blaring it in my car, talking about it, learning about it, falling asleep to it, waking up to it, obsessing about it. I’m not too picky genre-wise, but anything I can see live makes my little heart skip a beat.

6. I’m in college currently, so my schedule changes by the minute, my goals and dreams are constantly still being defined, and my mindset is young but learning. Also, this means I have a lot of free time and a short attention span.

7. I daydream a lot, mostly about working in television someday and homemade pies.

8. I like lists, but I can’t possibly explain it all here, so I will end the awkward first post get-to-know-me time now!

9. Oh, and I almost forgot- I have big Dolly-Parton-at-times Southern-style blonde hair that stands high like a lion’s mane.