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An Open Letter to Urban Outfitters

Dear Urban Outfitters,

I’ve always kinda liked you. I know a lot of the time that you’re super expensive for my college girl budget and sometimes your merchandise is called “offensive”, but more often that not, you have pretty things that I like to wear. Not to mention that your sale rack is like a drug to me! In fact, there was a time when I loved you with my whole heart, after I won $1000 dollar gift card to shop in your lovely doors with a few Christmases ago.

(that happened!)

Needless to say, you’ve been good to me in my past few years, but sometimes your design choices leave me scratching my head and wondering. Let’s take some items of your recent catalog, for example:

“Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses”

Okay, okay, I am a self-obsessed sunglasses collector but couldn’t this same look could be achieved with black construction paper and 2 straws? Or simply just de-tagging yourself in an embarrassing photo? Am I over-thinking things?

“’80s Cell Phone Case”

Somewhere, our 80s ancestors are crying. Isn’t having an iPhone cool enough? Now we have to have a vintage so-huge-that-it-looks-ridiculous iPhone? I’m so confused.

“Jeffrey Campbell Jumper Wedge”

“Yes, I’m looking for a pair of shoes that would cause me a lot of anxiety and make my feet feel like they are straddling the Grand Canyon all day. Do yall have any of that in stock?”

“Tripp NYC Z-Cut Jean – Army Green”

Whaaaaaaat? Isn’t the whole point of jeans to be warm? Or as a girl, to celebrate and be lazy and not have to shave your legs?! (Sorry fellas, the truth hurts). Don’t these defeat those purposes? Wouldn’t you get weird tan lines if you wore them outside? Wouldn’t you feel slightly trapped wearing them and/or like an Egyptian mummy wrapped up in cloth strips? So. Many. Questions.

“House of Dagmar Febe Cardigan”

I have little problems with this cardigan, actually. It’s cozy, it’s cute, it’s versatile! And I have no problems with people investing money in a good piece of clothing, no judgement! Spend away! But for $749.00, this cardi had better the greatest cardi in the entire world and/or be lined with gold and/or be able to tell me if it’s raining outside. Seriously.

“Hot Guys & Baby Animals Wall Calendar”

What? How did this get in here? Oh, did I accidentally put it in my cart? Look at that! Guess I’ll just have to buy it. It’s not like I want it or anything. I mean, I’m not one of those girls. I’ll just buy it to use for the calendar part. I have a lot of important dates to remember and this could really help. Yeah.

I like you, UO, I really do. I just think that this relationship gets a little rocky sometimes. Honestly- it’s not you, it’s me. Let’s just take a little break. I promise I’ll be back, though!



P.S. Okay, but please call me when your Diego The Cat pillow goes on sale:

So cute!

(All photos screencapped from urbanoutfitters.com, any criticism is all in good fun! Really, I do love you, Urban!)

My Best Friend Has A Blog!

While I am still in the middle of completing the sequel to this somewhat pretentious, but very heartfelt post, I thought I would share some important, life-changing news:


That’s right, internet, look no further than HERE for a taste of my other half. He’s hilariously witty and pop culture saavy and also one of the most talented writers I have the pleasure of knowing personally. I don’t just promote any blog around, and I can only tell you that even though we see each other close to 8+ hours a day, I wait on the edge of my seat for each post of his, too! The boy is talented and wonderful and will probably deny those claims after he sees this post- but he is! So go read away to your heart’s content! (and for bonus points, mention Barefoot Contessa, Black Swan, Doctor Who or plaid shirts. Works every time!)

Likes Lately; March 2011

Here’s an original post for blogging:


But seriously, is a happy-list a cop-out? Am I denying you my words and rambles to put in little pictures and captions of precious items? Am I trying to brainwash you to like all the same things I like?!?!

Ehh, probs. But, who cares! It’s time for another installment of:


So what do I like right now? Try to hold back your excitement and let’s find out!!!

Yellow Bird Project!

If you haven’t heard of Yellow Bird Project, then prepare for a whole bunch of wonderful! Whether you think raising money for charities is effective or not, if you’re anything like me, you can at least agree that when you love a musical artist enough, you simply HAVE to display on your own self in the form of a teeshirt. And so, the indie rock community decided to combine these two. YBP sells shirts that both designed by the artists and bands AND the proceeds of the sale of said shirts goes to the charity of the artists’ choice. The designs and colors vary and the artists range from Bon Iver and TV on the Radio to Rilo Kiley, Beach House and The Shins, just to name a few. Also, the shirts are super snuggly soft, which, for me, is always a major selling point!

The Show Ponies!

I may have discovered the most perfect duet for a sunny, lovely day ever written!

Okay, so this one hits a little close to home, because actually, that adorable redhead, Andi, is a dear friend of mine from high school and she is, quite possibly, the sweetest girl on the planet, not to mention the fact that she is ridiculously talented! The Show Ponies are currently trying to make an album, and so are asking for donations through their ridiculously grand IndieGoGo website. Seriously, one little dollar goes a long way, and an album from them would be the perfect soundtrack to summer, yes? Yes indeed.


Some may argue that a snocone is nothing more than flavored ice, but I will argue that it is SO much more magical. Each bite of a snocone on a hot summer day is like crossing the finish line of a marathon- it’s rewarding and oh-so-refreshing. And, living in Texas, the “hot summer day” weather is already here in March! Of course, this “like” is unfortunately not fulfilled because the legendary snocone trailer near our apartment is not open yet. Until then, I’ll watch slideshows of last year’s snocone memories while playing sad music. That’s normal…right?

Death Star PR!

You, internet, are very familar with the expression, “LOL”. Unfortunately, I think when this is most often exclaimed, not much laughter is actually occuring. However, I daresay that Death Star PR has caused a few actually-LOL-worthy moments in my life! If you’re a Star Wars fan at all, or if you’re secretly a Jedi, you simply must follow them on twitter, for gems like this:

I rest my case.

What do you like lately, internet? I’d love to hear!


(You can find the first installment of Likes Lately here!)


Dear Ukulele,

I don’t talk, or type, about you enough.

You are the least intimidating, cutest instrument on the face of the planet. You are easy to learn and people fall in love with you as soon as they see you, due to your size. I can sing along, I can make stuff up, and not a lot sounds bad with your four strings.

You were my companion to freshman year loneliness (and my new roommate!) my summer plaything and you have always been portable and fun. Now, you’re my ticket into coffee shops and venues. Because my dream to become the next  Janis Joplin or Envy Adams of The Clash At Demonhead is not a reality yet (unless you or the internet know any struggling rock and roll boys that need a slightly feisty female to lead), for now it’s ukulele and my voice, and recently, accompanied by guitar and another fabulous lady. I can play little ditties on you and strum patterns and on a sunny day, make everyone feel slightly like we’re in Hawaii…even if we’re just on the concrete apartment porch.

You could have been a trend, uke. I could have picked you up temporarily and then let go when the next tiny instrument craze came along, but you fit into my fingers so well and stuck with me and now I’m hard-pressed to go anywhere without you. My friends all got ukuleles too and now we’re a family! Or at least a group of enthusiasts. Or just that annoying band that won’t stop. Something like that.

Oh, and the internet LOVES you, ukulele! Seriously, you make every song better. Like this, this, this and especially THIS! With you in my hands, there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. So thank you, ukulele. I would be awful sad and a lot less musical if you ever left my side.



(Ps, that picture is by the wildly talented Victorio, of course!)

Thanks, Sorkies!

I hiiiiiiighly recommend going to see The Social Network.

Or, if you want to geek out like me, you can always reread the screenplay.

The opening scene? Absolute perfection. I’m not a studied critic of film, but I could replay those lines over and over and still be so in love with them.

I remember when Aaron Sorkin got a Facebook and asked users to ask him questions so he could get the full experience to write a movie about Facebook. A Facebook movie? Seriously? But you know what? Thanks, Sorkie. Thanks for living up to all your hype.

And to geek out some more, there’s always this gem-