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Resolution 9

Apologies to Lennon & McCartney for this pun, but: you say you want a resolution, well, you know, we all want to change ourselves…

I’ve decided to decide on my New Year’s resolutions a little later than most, so that I’ve really had time to think about them fully and mull them over thoroughly. Either that, or I’m just lazy, you decide.


1. Create more- videos, songs, rhymes, friendships and pies!
2. Write more consistently and often (ahem, HELLO BLOGOSPHERE!)
3. Perfect a pie crust recipe
4. Write at least 15 new songs
5. Build my resume with actual titles and jobs (what, dogwalker and plant-waterer doesn’t count?)
6. Be better about responding to text messages in a timely manner
7. Play more concerts/shows/open mic nights
8. Take myself less seriously
9. Live my life like I am completely in love with it…because, well, I am!

(And now, internet, I’m going to do that crazy thing that all bloggers do and end my post with a question in BOLD to involve you. Is is scary? A little. Is it kinda weird? A little. Do I want to hear from you? Yes, but this is my first time asking, so be gentle with your comments.)

What are you resolution-ing this year?