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Tis The Season, Maybe

I made a fall goals list with a few collaborators that I’ve been checking nearly every day. The goals on it are broad, but mostly seasonal, because, tis the season…right?

Tis the season for dressing Ace up in winter gear.

Tis the season for putting bourbon and chocolate into pecan pies and for listening to nothing but Ryan Adams and Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne and Fleet Foxes and David Ramirez and The Avett Brothers and old Motown and STAX because cold weather makes you so sentimental that you might as well just embrace it and be wistfully sad with their heartbreaking lyrics and minor chord progressions.

Fall always makes me feel like a little kid. I feel needier when it’s chiller outside, like I need more attention and more affection and just more warmth in general. I get excited, like jumping-up-and-down excited, at the littlest fall things, like stepping on crunchy leaves that have fallen or picking out pumpkins or even the thought of a seasonal petting zoo.

(Okay, well, actually, I lose my entire mind with joy when there’s a petting zoo with cute animals, but that’s another post altogether.)

I get excited about cheesy fall things, but then again, who doesn’t? Pumpkin things and cider-y themed smells will forever make me happy. Fall finally seems like the time when everyone can just breathe a little easier, except maybe with allergies, so not literally easier, but metaphorically. Summer’s over and you’re just finally about in the swing of things at work or school or your routine. The fall television schedule is back (aka the BRILLIANCE OF HAPPY ENDINGS is back yall!) and football is back and everyone seems onboard with some weekly tradition. Everyone looks and feels better wearing a few more layers, and entertainment seems so much easier when all anyone wants to do is stay inside and snuggle up. Everyone is drinking hot beverages and shivering together and just generally holiday-fevered.

Even the saddest days are made better with a pumpkin spice latte, right?

So fall is the season for all these things, but fall’s like every season, in the sense that in addition to my half-hilarious and half-sad “Fall Goals 2012” list on my iPhone, I have the same bigger goals as I always do. Tis the season for me to stop being so busy. Tis the season for me to write more, for me to meet more people, for me to bake more treats. Tis the season for me to call people I love back home more often, for me to take life less seriously, for me to work harder, for me to hug longer, and be less scared of rejection. Tis the season for me to give love to complete strangers, to listen to people’s stories, to buy the guy behind me his coffee, to get up earlier and to appreciate everything just a little more.

And of course, to accomplish all these goals in a perfectly executed jacket-scarf-hat-boot-leggings ensemble. Obviously.

Time To Ramble On?

I have been searching on eBay and Craigslist for a Volkswagen Bus for years now.

You see, I have a dream of packing up my life into a Volkswagen bus or an airstream trailer and taking to the open road. I’d still call and write and send picture messages, but the freedom of the open road is so tempting. Plus, I love small towns, breakfast foods, people who can play the heck out of instruments and historical landmarks, and I have a feeling that there are so many of these things out there that I haven’t seen yet!

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Airstream Song’ always hits truth with me. “Sometimes I wish I lived in an airstream, homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy- break a heart, roll outta town, cause gypsies never get tied down.” Maybe it’s the escape of traveling that I love so much; kicking up dust and never looking in the rear view mirror. Maybe it’s because the music closest to my heart and my style from decor to clothing always points to the fact that I always wanted to be a carefree child of the 60s and 70s, rolling down the highway with my little hippie caravan family along for the ride. Blame my gypsy soul. Blame it on my wild heart, even. Whatever it is, it remains at the back of my mind and gets stronger every time I take a road trip or when I watch the Discovery Channel or even when I hear an especially good Led Zeppelin song and want to start ramblin’ on.

For a time I always thought it would just be me on this trek, but more and more I think I’m gonna need someone in the passenger seat. I don’t often get crushes (we’ve been over this before) so it wouldn’t have to be romantic. Just someone to switch off driving shifts with, take pictures of scenic moments, sing along to classic rock (the official soundtrack of the open road!) and share waffles when I order too many of them. That’s not so much to ask, right?

I mean, sure, if it was all cute and crush-y, I’d be all sorts of lovey-dovey. Is it too hippie of me to want to spend my first years of marriage (if in fact I do get roped into gettin’ hitched) on the road? How perfect would that be? Just exploring the countryside and wearing out the radio with great music for miles and miles, and of course, make the goal of getting at least one kiss in every single state, because well, IT’S CUTE. And the pictures would be cute and true love travels miles and documents these miles and you know, while I’m daydreaming I might as well daydream sickeningly-cute goals, right?!! Thousands of miles, hundreds of diners, one bus, two of us and at least 48 kisses. Not too shabby.

Oh- what’s that? Is that you calling, real world? What’s that you’re asking? What will I do for money on the road? You mean no one wants to pay me to blog and stargaze and picnic and come up with puns and amateur-ly play my guitar and ukulele yet? Really?

Guess I’ll have to hold out a few years.

(Airstream Picture Link, Volkswagen Picture Link)

Photo Lackin’ (Sad Trombone)

The lack of photos I have of my life in Nashville is just plain sad.

Seriously, I’ve been here almost a month and there’s not much to show from it. I will attribute this to the fact that 1.) I’m lazy and 2.) I always feel so awkward in photos by myself BUT I’ve decided to make some little cheesy pact with myself to take at least one photo a day, preferably more. And in turn, I will do my best to share them with you, therefore hopefully encouraging me even more! Or at least turning me into a tourist with a camera everywhere I go.

For now, there’s one little gem-

Remember when I had the genius idea, “Hey, if I leave my yoga mat rolled out, it will remind me to do be super fit every day and I’ll be way more productive!”

Good call, me.

Hello, Dolly! (Literally!)

(Note: I highly suggest you read THIS POST to get a better grasp on just how much I am trying not to use a ton of exclamation points in excitement after every sentence in today’s post.)

Dolly Parton and I were in the same room.

I met my idol yesterday and I’m still not over it!!!!!

Since interning for SiriusXM, I’ve been around several musicians, all of whom have proved talented and generous and for the most part, personable, and I’ve gotten over being ‘starstruck’ to a certain extent. However, I’d be lying if I said that my heart didn’t soar and my hands didn’t shake a little bit when we got the news that my favorite female country artist was going to be waltzing into our studio.
In case I haven’t made myself clear, I absolutely LOVE Dolly Parton. I wrote extensively about my love for her HERE and well, my intern desk has been displaying the inspirational message, “W.W.D.D.?” for a while now:

  • Did I spend more time than usual picking out the perfect outfit and accessories Tuesday night?

  • Did I proclaim the day to be a holiday that we would refer to as “D-Day”?

  •  Did I freak out slightly when I remembered that my current ringtone is “Jolene”?

  • Did I run down Broadway and dash into several record stores searching for vinyl and books by Dolly herself the morning of?

  • Did I send my mom and best friend text messages with waaaay too many exclamation points describing what was happening?

Shamelessly, all of the above!

I’ll admit- I was afraid that maybe she just wouldn’t measure up. I didn’t think she’d be horrible but with so much publicity, you never really know how an artist will be in person. But I’m here to tell you that if I didn’t already love Dolly, I do now, tenfold! She was gracious, quick-witted, excited and well-spoken and the whole time I kept trying not to bust out into a huge goofy grin. However, ‘trying’ is the key word in that last sentence, because when she’d start to talk about her songwriting, I’d just beam in the corner. She spoke about her new album and her inspiration behind it, but then she started to tell stories about the songs in her catalog and I think I may have done a little somersault in my seat. The stories behind I Will Always Love You, Love Is Like A Butterfly, Two Doors Down, Coat of Many Colors, Light of a Clear Blue Morning and MORE graced my ears. I know I’m just a little intern in a big pond and while I didn’t conduct an interview with her myself, sitting in and hearing one was like the answers to my own little fan questions. She talked and joked, but the best part was these little moments when she’d sing the first line of a song when talking about it and her voice would fill the studio for just a few seconds and I got to hear the woman I’ve idolized perform a few words in the closest makeshift concert setting I could imagine. And yes, of course I started smiling again like a goofball.

(And now- I’ll do a little plug and tell you that this Dolly goodness will air on SiriusXM’s various channels, specifically The Highway! Don’t miss out!)

You know, I would have told you that you were crazy if you had told me that the woman I described as “Queen Of The Lion Hair” would be standing right next to me, a self-described lion-haired fangirl, but for good reason, I was proven wrong.

And for the record, yes, she smelled like sunshine and dreams that have come true!

Bat-Friendly and Kryptonite-Free

We can blame it on the fact that I’ve been watching more (fantastic!) british television that centers on heroes, just finished reading a heckuva comic book series, or simply that I am friends with a certain DC ‘enthusiast’, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having superpowers.

Based on experience, I can say that if you’re ever in line for something, suddenly in the middle of an awkward silence, or crammed in  car on a long roadtrip, one of the most defining questions you can ask is:

“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

The answers often vary, but don’t be fooled in thinking that this is a simple query by any sense. Superpowers are a big deal!

Let’s take flying, for instance. While this one may seem played out and like the most obvious answer, when it really comes down to it, soaring through the air above the earth would be AWESOME. I mean, seriously! Forget rush hour traffic, you just pop up and you’re there! Not to mention, fellas, ladies totally love clouds in their hair. However, I do wonder, do your ears pressurize normally? Is there enough oxygen? I mean, the views are worth it, but I’m not sold on flying.

So then there’s superstrength. This is a little less popular, but if you can pick up a car or an elephant and hold it over your head like it’s no big deal, that would be amazing. However, I can’t help but wonder why exactly you would need to lift a car. And where did you get the elephant anyway? And in all honesty, if I’m having trouble opening a jar or something, I usually just try to bat my eyelashes and get a regularly-strong male to do it for me. For some reason, I’m not sold on superstrength, either. I’d be afraid to hug anyone if I had said power, and I simply cannot live without hugs.

So we come to invisibility and mind-reading. Now, on paper, these are both winners. To be able to see and hear what people are doing and go undetected? Priceless! Although, having lived my short 20 years, I know I may not be the most knowledgeable, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to hear what’s going on in people’s heads all the time. I mean, I think a LOT of ridiculous and potentially-embarrassing things, internet! There’s no way I want to hear everyone else’s same thoughts! And as for invisibility, most of the time I would prefer to show off my cute accessories rather than go unnoticed. You have to wonder about people that choose invisibility- sounds to me like they’re up to something sneaky!

So what’s left? Millions! You could be able to tell when someone is lying, breathe underwater, move things with your mind, x-ray vision, teleportation, travel at superspeed and even be able to turn everything to ice cream! Though I’ve barely scratched the enormous surface of superpowers, I think that it’s a lot to take in. I mean, if I suddenly was graced with a intense and fiercely intimidating superpower, I honestly don’t know how receptive I’d be.

I prefer to think a bit more…simply. If you want to know, internet, or if you don’t, if I could have one superpower, it would be to have two strong women behind me to sing everything I just said.

Yes, internet, I’m wishing endlessly for backup singers.

If Diana Ross can do it, then so can I!

Is this a weak power? I beg to differ! With two powerful voices echoing my words, suddenly everything I said would sound more exciting and of utmost importance. Not to mention that no conversation would be boring ever again! Imagine with me:

“Oh hey guys, I’m going to go blow my nose for a second.”


“Has anyone seen my gray cardigan?”


“This toast is great.”


You see? With backup singers, every action I did would be musically super and if that can’t save the world, then really, I don’t know what can.

(Photo credit: here)

Invisible Shoes and Ideas

I have a big mouth and I talk nonstop. (See Exhibit A.)

I fill silences, speak at increasing speeds and craft sentences at the drop of a hat. What do I do with that?

I have plenty of time to spend talking about nonsense, but every now and then I get this feeling that I want to talk about important things. Important ideas.

I look at organizations and movements like TOMS and Invisible Children and feel so small. They were started by people not much older than I. Where did that great idea come from? Divine intervention? Chance? Happenstance? Fortune cookies? Right-Place-Right-Time?

I want one of those moments.

I can’t search for my genius idea or manufacture it or wait for it to arrive in the mail. I just want that idea, that life-changing idea, that idea that gets other people as excited as I am about things, because, well, I can be really excited. Honestly, I have experience celebrating often and I can jump up and down with great success, so all I need is a really good reason to do so.

So what DO I have to get this great-idea-process off the ground? The ability to speak, at least.

I have to talk to people. Hear their story and share it with the world. Get out there and chat it up with those who haven’t had a voice. Discover!!!  Because hey, I can watch a documentary and buy a pair of new shoes (ps, Santa, I’m a size 9) but ultimately the impact should be much more. Furthermore, even if all my efforts don’t go into the specific organization-of-the-moment, learning about anything exciting or revolutionary or grass-roots-driven should spur me on to find my own challenge to bring to light.

If there’s anything that The Social Network taught me (besides the fact that Aaron Sorkin is a boss), it’s that one little idea, whether good or bad, can take the world by storm, even if this idea is developed by an emotionally-unstable nerd. And here’s the thing– I’d like to think I’m at least a rather emotionally-stable nerd, so hey, that should make my chances even better.


Go ahead and call me cultured.

Today I wore French sunglasses, lipstick manufactured in New York, drank coffee from New Guinea out of a mug made in China, and watched a (brilliant!!) British television show.

I also find myself constantly listening to killer Spanish rhythms, and heck, I even have a map of the entire earth on the wall of my apartment.

And you know what? Today was not an especially different day in particular, actually. I suppose I’m just overflowing with worldliness all the time, right?

If you’ll allow me to get ~serious for just a minute, internet, I think we tend to think that we’re doing a good job of accepting other cultures and blending them altogether in a delicious world-awareness smoothie and drinking it daily. We like to think that we’re pretty informed and that there’s not much else we can do to know the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, I think sometimes my consumerism is about as cultural as I get. It’s not that I shy away from meeting people different than I am, but I think for the most part, I don’t focus on learning about what makes them tick beyond pretty pictures on NationalGeographic.com (although they are really pretty.)

I know this girl who is involved with an organization called The World Race, wherein she will be taking a year off from school to go to 11 countries in 11 months and simply connecting with people there and showing them God’s love; from children in orphanages to prostitutes in slavery to possibly somewhat-scatterbrained twenty year-olds like myself.

Awesome, yes?!

I am so excited to follow her blog and see what and who she encounters, but I’m aware that not every single person can simply take a year off to help others.

So what can I do? There’s millions of organizations that are reaching out, thousands of programs and products that donate proceeds, but in addition to that, I think it’s a conscious thing. Having a mindset of the world, per say, of more than what’s just in front of me is harder to achieve than all of my New Year’s resolutions combined.

But I think it’s worth a try, even if it means keeping up more with Kazakhstan and less with the Kardashians.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney will understand.

(Flag Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Resolution 9

Apologies to Lennon & McCartney for this pun, but: you say you want a resolution, well, you know, we all want to change ourselves…

I’ve decided to decide on my New Year’s resolutions a little later than most, so that I’ve really had time to think about them fully and mull them over thoroughly. Either that, or I’m just lazy, you decide.


1. Create more- videos, songs, rhymes, friendships and pies!
2. Write more consistently and often (ahem, HELLO BLOGOSPHERE!)
3. Perfect a pie crust recipe
4. Write at least 15 new songs
5. Build my resume with actual titles and jobs (what, dogwalker and plant-waterer doesn’t count?)
6. Be better about responding to text messages in a timely manner
7. Play more concerts/shows/open mic nights
8. Take myself less seriously
9. Live my life like I am completely in love with it…because, well, I am!

(And now, internet, I’m going to do that crazy thing that all bloggers do and end my post with a question in BOLD to involve you. Is is scary? A little. Is it kinda weird? A little. Do I want to hear from you? Yes, but this is my first time asking, so be gentle with your comments.)

What are you resolution-ing this year?