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Yoda Slippers and Guitar Licks

San Marcos, Texas- I love you.

Just when I should be the most stressed out due to projects, papers, finals week (aka this week), ongoing senioritis and schoolwork madness, I’ve got a permanent grin on my face and sore feet from dancing to live music. My beloved college town hosted a free concert festival this weekend, (holla atcha, MR Fest!) and lemme tell you, internet, please fall in love with THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR. This band is the answer to all my dirty, gritty, loud-and-soulful rock and roll problem. Essentially, they’re like Led Zeppelin– only less poetic.

Also, they have more dance grooves….

…..more keytar…………and more ‘STACHE!

Okay…so maybe they’re nothing like Led Zeppelin. But they rock hard, and I can’t get enough of obnoxiously-executed guitar solos and rowdy energy that pays off in fantastic live shows, of which I was a part. My voice is a little hoarse from yelling, my ears may have rung for hours after, but it was all worth it and needed after being cooped up with my notes and reviews! Thank you, BLSH, for making my ears and toe-tappin’ all excited. You’re so much better than a library, and I’m streaming you daily now.

Of course, this is all a nice vacation from the stacks of notes and books staring me in the face from across the room, yelling, “STUDY US! READ US! CONSUME US FOR HOURS!”

Fortunately, there’s light at the end of this stressed-out tunnel.

All I gotta do is make it to Tuesday and Wednesday, because they mean two more concerts that I have been excited for nearly months about and I’m ready to start! But more on that later, internet. I’ve got studies to get back to.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Most importantly

I just realized I’ve been walking around most of the day in both my Empire Strikes Back tank coupled with my Yoda slippers.

Geek overkill or simply not enough? Decide, you must, internet.

Soul Music > Studying

It’s the last full week of classes and motivation in this Lion’s den is at an all-time low.

Also, I should mention that I am completely obsessed with soul music, especially that of the 1960s.

I should not be let anywhere near a computer at 1 AM after having at least 4 cups of coffee in rapid succession, but let’s just say that combined insomnia and horrible study habits have lead me back into my caffeine-fueled haze where nothing that I am attempting to read over is sticking in my temperamental brain.

What is sticking, however, is a certain melody you may have heard called “Hound Dog” and consequently, how much I adore Big Mama Thornton. No, seriously, this woman is FIRE. She wrote the book on rockabilly, has a voice that can command a room and if she was wonderful enough that even Elvis, the KING, stole a single from her, you know that she has something insanely good wrapped up in her soul.

Here’s a little something for all you visual learners-

See what I mean? Magical. Yes, Elvis made the song his own (as evidenced by this attractive video, seriously, the 1:03 is dangerously good) but I can’t get enough of how much she tears it up like it’s no big deal. Her emotion is effortless but so felt. It’s normal for me to dance along with my Spanish notes in hand, right? Can’t help it!

You know, I may have days where I’m distracted, but give me a toe-tapping rhythm and you’ve got my entire attention span from the first beat to the end. People write a million essays, books and thesis prompts on the science of sound and the transcendental qualities of chord progressions, but I think it’s simpler- satisfy my ears and you’ve got everything else. My focus, my conversation, my voice singing along, my interest and my dancing feet all are yours! No seriously, I fear I might just sign away my life if a good band was playing at the time.

So, you see, it is incredibly difficult to learn the subjunctive and imperfect verb tenses when my record player is right across the room- Aretha Franklin vinyl all ready to spin!

Is this a white girl problem? Naah. Too much soul to be one of those!

Two Weeks Left

It is getting to that point in the semester where I start sleeping in my yoga class clothing so I can sleep in an extra five minutes.

We can call this a continuation of this post, because all I’ve been feeling lately is senioritis. I can’t write a blog post, much less a ten-page paper, no matter if it is double-spaced or not. Graduation for this lion is in December, but that feels as soon as this afternoon.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. I’ve been setting mental incentives for myself to be productive, like having Destiny’s Child dance parties when I get home from class, convincing myself that I’ll see Robert Downey Jr on campus if I take good notes and walking into every hour-and-fifty-minute block believing that confetti and balloons are going to drop from the ceiling at the end of my professors’ lectures.

Whatever works, right?

Two more weeks of caffeine-fueled schooldays and then it’s finals and semester’s end, internet. The fact that I am finishing this post as fast as I can, clutching a second cup of coffee in my bed so I can get twenty minutes more sleep before Spanish might be a little sad, but I just remember that truthfully, and according to my wise father, that college isn’t the real world anyway.

I have already mentally decided that today’s incentive in going to class is to read the best thing to have ever been in my mailbox after. Don’t keep me late, professors, I’ve got a date with a soul-power princess.

(Oh, and if you don’t love Adele a whole lot yet, I suggest starting to, although, I might be a little biased.)

Good Day Sunshine!

It’s not that I lack motivation or have given up on studies completely, but how can I simply be forced to sit inside a classroom and listen to a professor lecture on when the SUN is outside, yelling at me to come play?!

I’ve never been particularly outdoorsy. My family went camping a lot growing up (probably why smores and tents and the smell of campfires make me so happy) and I absolutely love being by the water but I’m not ready to ditch my comfortable apartment and live in the wilderness yet, foraging for nuts and berries. I am, however, not opposed to having my after-yoga-morning-coffee outside on our hammock and soaking up the sunshine like it is going out of style. I mean, really, what is better than this?

I’ll be honest with you, internet- I don’t know what my summer plans are yet. I am waiting to hear back from internships in different locations, nervous about how plans might fall together and crossing my fingers for someone to hire me. I’ve been praying about it, filling out so many applications, attaching resumes and making phone calls but in the end I’m still waiting to find out where I end up. But I rest assured that no matter where I am, I will be basking in the outdoors as much as I can, because after being in a classroom roughly 3/4s of my little life, I’m kinda ready to get out.

Call it senioritis.

Call it summer fever.

Whatever you call it, please make sure that it gets here soon and that it brings warm playful days. I’ll have my SPF and sunnies ready as always.

And of course, here you go, internet- have a little cartoon and song to brighten your morning! It is sung by my favorites, after all:

Home Alone? No Thank You

I basically lived alone my first two years of college.

Okay, wah wah, I can cry about it all I want, but it wasn’t too terrible. Of course, it wasn’t exactly by choice- it just happened that way. Both of my roommates my freshman and sophomore year just seemingly spent most of their days and nights at sisters’ apartments, boyfriends’ duplexes or just back home. On weekends, I always had the place to myself. This, of course, left only me and my beloved ukulele bunking together for literally months. They were both sweet girls…in the total of 36 hours we probably spent in the same room the entire two years I lived on campus, but if we’re being honest, I was on my own in my room.

Now, of course, this didn’t mean that I was by my lonesome most hours. I was very blessed to find friends and find them quickly, and they have been with me, by my side physically and emotionally for the past three years in so many ways. We went (and still go) everywhere together- literally. Laundry was done in a group, every class break was spent catching up even if we had five minutes, meals were never eaten alone and I’m honestly surprised that we didn’t all just move into a tent together on the campus lawn somewhere. Making tight-knit friendships has been the best part of moving to San Marcos, by far, and this year has only been even better.

This year I happen to live in the cutest little apartment with the cutest girls in the world. Think I’m kidding? You clearly haven’t met C & S.

See, told ya! But really, I can honestly say that living with two of my best friends by my side, sometimes even when I’m not expecting them to be, is marvelous. At any given time, there’s three separate iTunes libraries playing loudly, dishes stacked a mile high and cardigans of every color are sprawled across every piece of furniture, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love mornings when we all sit in S’s room on her bed and share stories and cups of coffee and I love evenings when we come home at different times but still check up on each other.

You see, I’m spoiled now. While I used to be adjusted to being alone in my surroundings, I now crave having my roommates near. I can still be on my own, but I’d much rather not. And so, hearing one of their keys twisting the lock to our front door at this very moment as I type this blog post? It’s like music to my ears.

Am I needy? Could be. But hey, internet, you would be too if you had roomies that woke you up to the smell of bacon and hugs. Promise.

Because A Weekend Photo Post Is Always Needed

This weekend meant lots of BBQ

lots of front-porch-sittin’

lots of tree-climbin’

lots of midnight dance parties in the barn

lots of cowboy boots

& lots of friendship.

Schoolwork might get me down every week day. I might have too much to do or get stressed about deadlines and details, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday and hours spent with these people always seem to make up for every single thing.

Is it possible to fall in love with the weekend?

(Because this lion most certainly is.)

Also, I find this song highly appropriate for this post. Had to!

Imma (Busy) Bee

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I feel like I have to come up with excuses as to why it hasn’t been sooner that I’ve updated this blog. I try to write something every day, whether it is public or not, but lately, my reasons for no words have been pretty weak.

“I’m just not inspired right now.”

(aka: “I’m lazy.”)

“There’s nothing to write about!”

(aka: “I’m really ridiculously lazy, and probably lying.)

The Rachel Zoe Project is on!”

(Okay, so this one might be true. I’m sadly addicted. This is what Target gets for putting the seasons on sale. I. DIE. for the Zoe drama and adore me some Brad Goreski!)

“I’m BUSY!”

(Well, actually, this one might have some merit. Maybe? Riiight?)

Most weeks, all of these are absolutely ridiculous. I’m always inspired by even the littlest things, always find something to write about, can save Rachel Zoe for a rainy day, and my schedule is usually pretty balanced with time to spare.

This week, however, I’ve been actually BUSY!

Not that this is a bad thing or that I’m trying to make up for anything, but I legitimately thought that after Spring Break, my life would be cake, right? (Preferably red velvet, actually.) But, of course, there’s plenty more projects, papers, scripts, interviews, quizzes and tests to be studied and aced, along with internship applications, job fairs, resume edits and somewhere along the line, hopefully a snocone or two now that the hot Texas weather is upon us again!

Am I complaining? Not a chance!

As much as I want to surrender my afternoons to naps and could major in procrastinating if I tried, everything I’m involved in is worth it, whether it’s difficult and time-consuming or not. Plus, my schedule always seems to find time for a little friendship, and for that I am so grateful. Even if it’s five minutes discussing the Golden Girls personality traits, an extra cup of coffee in the morning with my roommates before I go to class, ten minutes laying in our porch hammock and talking on the phone with my dynamically wonderful parents, all of it is needed!

So when I’m busy, I’m still typing up sentences for all of you who happen to read my little corner of the internet. And busy or not, this lion needs her pack. Finally, I mean, when I’m able to fit in meeting Friday Night Lights celebrities and scoring a slam-dunk with a killer Chicken Parmesan recipe, I really have no excuse not to have a huge grin on my face…even if my to-do list is a mile long.