Hi, I’m Kelsey.

(but you can call me Lion)

I like time travel, assorted breakfast foods, southern hospitality, playing my ukulele, and mixed cds.

I highly enjoy trips to Target for no apparent reason, dancing until my feet hurt, wit, whiskey, and confetti (lots of it).

I make a lot of mistakes and I make a lot of coffee. I’m not sure if these are related.

Music is my greatest love and I’m always tapping my feet to some melody and clutching my vinyl.

I love things hard and fast and obsessively and sometimes that gets me hurt. I aim to love people like Jesus did, but I’m still learning every day.

1. I started a blog because:

  • a). I talk much more than I listen, so I hope to write some of it down to get all these thoughts out and learn to listen better.
  • b). I like to write, honestly, whether the words are inspired or just journal-y.
  • c). I have a lot of free time and whimsy and I get bored easily, so this should serve to fuel that boredom.

2. Oh, and I have big, southern, blonde-more-often-than-not, lions-mane-like hair. So there’s that.

Hope you click around and stick around, internet!