Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas!

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  • FaceTime from rooms away even if you are in the same place, because getting out of the cover cocoon you just made would not be a very good idea
  • Invest in one pair of mittens and hold hands INSIDE the mittens for maximum cuteness but also sweet, suffocating warmth
  • Breathe against a window and write sweet messages in the fogged up glass to each other, like, “bring me another blanket”
  • Embrace a little friendly competition! Go for the gold in fun challenges like, “Who can wear the most layers of clothing?” or “Who can whisper the most sweet nothings before their teeth start chattering?” or “Who can stay inside away from the winter weather the longest without going crazy?”
  • Fellas, let your lady dress you! She can pick out the styles she’s always wanted you to rock, and you won’t have to worry if you don’t like it, because let’s face it, you’re not going to take off your coat anyway!
  • Pack a cute picnic to eat outside bundled up, but bail on that idea when you realize that the food is going to get cold. Take shots of hot chocolate from the thermos in your car instead.
  • Have a romantic ‘weekend in’! (See how long you can go indoors without running out of edible food combinations, guesstimate how high your heating bill is going to be simply trying to keep your toes from chilling, and find out how many days you can go without wanting to suffocate each other from having no changes of scenery, because, no one wants to venture into the freezing outside temperatures!)
  • Make plans with other couples and then flake on them because no, you do not actually own snowshoes
  • Ladies, tell your man to grow out his beard to keep his chin warm, and then make a game of hiding little trinkets in it when he’s not looking!
  • Go ice skating!
  • Just kidding about the ice skating, that’s too expensive and freezing. Maybe just find the closest coffee shop near the ice skating rink and drink the biggest hottest drink they have
  • For each degree that the temperature drops, compliment your significant other with a quality you like about them. (Ex. You are great at scraping the ice off my car windows, You let me borrow your coat and that means a lot, You took the dog out that time in the blizzard and I found it very attractive, etc)
  • Make a playlist of songs that mention summertime or sunshine or the beach and listen to it together with fingers crossed
  • Accept the fact that you’re never going to be a cold weather person, but when you can look next to you and the person who has shared 14 hours of an indoor Netflix marathon and grilled cheeses with you still thinks you’re attractive even after you haven’t shaved your legs in 2 weeks because there’s no way you’re getting close to shorts in this snowstorm, well then, it’s probably love.

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