Kickstarter Campaigns I Would (Actually) Support

I have mixed feelings about I think it’s great to be able to take fundraising global and to reward people who donate to make movies, albums, artwork, charity and inventions possible, but I also think it can breed laziness. Regardless, things I love have been accomplished via this medium (namely, the new Veronica Mars movie, which means the contiuation of my undying love for Logan Echolls!!!!) and so it’s only right that I’ve dreamed up a few of my own ideas that would inspire me to give money to accomplish a goal.

Kickstarter Campaigns I Would (Actually) Support

Bringing A Whataburger to Tennessee (because this just won’t cut it)

Bringing back the Pony Express (because handwritten mail is awesome and ponies are even more awesome)

An app that locates the closest person who needs a hug or who is down to give a hug at that moment

An app for an alarm clock that is actually just the voice of Ryan Gosling saying, “You’re brilliant and beautiful just the way you are, but your hair will look even better if you get up now and fix it before work” and that just gives out compliments when you try and press “Snooze”

Another iPhone video app to add to Vine & Instagram videos, because lord knows my generation needs something else to complain about on twitter

A Hoverboard (or at least a prototype)

Continuing the seasons of television cancelled too soon, or giving  Party Down a 3rd season, Firefly and Freaks and Geeks  2nd seasons and Pushing Daisies a 2nd-18th season(s).

The formation of a tv network that plays nothing but Disney Channel Original Movies from the early 2000s, 24/7

 While we’re on tv, some sort of memory eraser that deletes any memories I have of LOST from this entire earth and never mentions it in any casual conversations that leave people mad at me for years to come because I’m sorry, but, ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS WITH THE CORK IN THE ISLAND AND THE POLAR BEARS

An ATM machine that dispenses glitter and/or hummus

An initiative to revive the musical careers of Damien Rice, Outkast & Shania Twain, or at least encourage them all to release ANOTHER ALBUM because honestly I can be patient but you know you can’t just turn off genius and there is bound to be something for my ears between the three (technically 4) of them

A widget that adds onto Facebook that asks every single user, “REALLY?” before they decide to post another out-of-focus photo of their lunch

An in-depth tutorial of how to wear and pull off a crop top without feeling like I forgot half of my shirt and brain (this one doesn’t even have to take long to fund, seriously, I will just pay someone $10 if they can tell me this without using the phrase, “you better werk!”)

A waffle iron in the shape of Leslie Knope’s face

An Actual Hotel For Dogs, where the dogs run the hotel and they wear little bellman caps and carry your bags and don’t really care when you check in or out as long as they can cuddle and look at you lovingly with those sad eyes, oh and COMPLIMENTARY PUPPIES

Michael Bay’s Retirement Fund, where we pay him to NOT continue a cinematic career

An iPhone charger that runs on sarcasm

Glasses that sync to display the lyrics to whatever song is currently playing so that you can learn all the words

A magazine with a really smart sounding title like “Business Success And You” that looks like you’re reading to further your career and are impressive but is secretly filled with photos of adorable baby animals

A magical Utopia that holds all you could ever want  Just kidding, we already have the internet.

What would you kickstart?

2 responses to “Kickstarter Campaigns I Would (Actually) Support

  1. But what about “Transformers 4: The Dark Side of the Moons of Saturn” and “The Purge 2: How the Government Managed to Pull of Low Unemployment and Crime Rates By Giving Citizens 12 Hours of Free-For-All.”

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