2.5 cups of strong coffee and i can pretty much conquer the world

16 or so of my best friends that i love that i miss so very much

0.5 months till i can finally listen to christmas music in public without being chastised or made fun of!

249382784539 dogs in the world that i want to adopt and love and snuggle

4 different layers that i am wearing today, because 59 degrees is cold when you are from texas, okay

6 foods that i usually aim to eat in some way as much as possible- bacon, cheese, avocado, sweet potato, jalapeno, honey

50 different places i’ve never been that i want to go to really badly

1,998 (and counting) pins on pinterest of things i don’t have, food i’m not eating and clothing i am not wearing and i wonder if this is healthy, BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE AND WONDERFUL

4 bobby pins required, at least if you’d like me to look presentable

16 hours of recorded shows on the DVR that i should probably watch one of these days

100,000 miles coming up on my odometer, so, okay i’ll buy the high mileage oil this time

8 more days till i go home and get to see my family and eat real seafood and texmex and play on the water and celebrate thanksgiving in style (!!!!)

21 days until Ray LaMontagne and I will have an acoustic heart-to-heart

1 extra shot in that chai latte, please, or i’ll nap

45 emails i need to respond to, 3 of which i am actually excited about

3 record players in our house, but who’s counting?

285 listens of this song and i am still blown away and in love and waiting on the tips of my toes for her new album to come out so i can buy it and listen to it all day and just RELATE

7 different to-do lists, but no, i’m not obsessive about them at all

100 new business cards that make me feel all official and professional and connected

3 months that i’ve lived here and i’m slowly starting to think of it as home

2 roommates and 1 huge dog that are all fantastic

1 cute boy who makes me pancakes in the morning

1 happy, somewhat healthy lion learning to make rent and how to have a job and how to be an adult

1 more thing: thanks for reading this blog

One response to “Numbers

  1. I love this list! And oh man, I am so envious of your Lamontagne tickets!!

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