Tis The Season, Maybe

I made a fall goals list with a few collaborators that I’ve been checking nearly every day. The goals on it are broad, but mostly seasonal, because, tis the season…right?

Tis the season for dressing Ace up in winter gear.

Tis the season for putting bourbon and chocolate into pecan pies and for listening to nothing but Ryan Adams and Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne and Fleet Foxes and David Ramirez and The Avett Brothers and old Motown and STAX because cold weather makes you so sentimental that you might as well just embrace it and be wistfully sad with their heartbreaking lyrics and minor chord progressions.

Fall always makes me feel like a little kid. I feel needier when it’s chiller outside, like I need more attention and more affection and just more warmth in general. I get excited, like jumping-up-and-down excited, at the littlest fall things, like stepping on crunchy leaves that have fallen or picking out pumpkins or even the thought of a seasonal petting zoo.

(Okay, well, actually, I lose my entire mind with joy when there’s a petting zoo with cute animals, but that’s another post altogether.)

I get excited about cheesy fall things, but then again, who doesn’t? Pumpkin things and cider-y themed smells will forever make me happy. Fall finally seems like the time when everyone can just breathe a little easier, except maybe with allergies, so not literally easier, but metaphorically. Summer’s over and you’re just finally about in the swing of things at work or school or your routine. The fall television schedule is back (aka the BRILLIANCE OF HAPPY ENDINGS is back yall!) and football is back and everyone seems onboard with some weekly tradition. Everyone looks and feels better wearing a few more layers, and entertainment seems so much easier when all anyone wants to do is stay inside and snuggle up. Everyone is drinking hot beverages and shivering together and just generally holiday-fevered.

Even the saddest days are made better with a pumpkin spice latte, right?

So fall is the season for all these things, but fall’s like every season, in the sense that in addition to my half-hilarious and half-sad “Fall Goals 2012” list on my iPhone, I have the same bigger goals as I always do. Tis the season for me to stop being so busy. Tis the season for me to write more, for me to meet more people, for me to bake more treats. Tis the season for me to call people I love back home more often, for me to take life less seriously, for me to work harder, for me to hug longer, and be less scared of rejection. Tis the season for me to give love to complete strangers, to listen to people’s stories, to buy the guy behind me his coffee, to get up earlier and to appreciate everything just a little more.

And of course, to accomplish all these goals in a perfectly executed jacket-scarf-hat-boot-leggings ensemble. Obviously.

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