A Life Update Of Sorts

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve worn out the soles of my shoes in Houston, Kansas City, Chicago, Nashville, Austin and all the skies and highways in between. I’m surviving on miracles, delayed flights, text messages, and strong coffee here.

Lately, my life has looked like a lot like this, according to instagram:

(I also recommend expanding your browser window to view them!)

In classic Lion-Haired Girl style, I’ve tried to write this post for about a month and I’ve come up with nothing or put it off til the next day, and now, here I am at the last minute, typing when my to-do list is 70 miles long.

I always feel strange writing all about myself here. I mean, I know that sounds totally contradictory in the fact that this is, by nature, a ‘personal’ blog, but sometimes the stuff closest to me is the hardest to speak about, and also, not what I think would be entertaining. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am so flattered and thankful and say God bless all of yall for reading my words, but it’s so hard for me to think of this as a “day-to-day-in-my-crazy-journey” lifestyle blog, because frankly, my life isn’t always so insaaane, you know? I like to write about all sorts of things and topics and thoughts, and usually they are not what is happening to me in the daily.

I mean, I never want to get to the point where I’m writing consistent entries that say, “Today I ate a bagel and it was really good.” (Even if the bagel was really good!)

Does this post have a point?

I’m going to Arizona on Friday. Why did I wait til the 5th paragraph to mention this? I love a good introduction. But seriously, when I say that I’m going there, I mean that I’m moving there…for two months. Do I know what I’m doing while there? Yes, and I’m slowly wrapping my head around it. Do I know much else? Not really.

I’ve been saying with confidence that I have wanted adventure and travel for years now, and very desperately since graduating almost 5 months ago and feeling trapped. I’ve had this feeling from the tip of my pedicured toes to the top of my big hair that I just want to GO and SEE and EXPLORE places beyond my usual radius, and now, in a small way, it’s happening!

The thing about wanting something so very bad is, you should kinda be prepared to know what to do if you actually do, in fact, get it.

Of course, for me, when anything major like this happens, it means anxiety and doubt and self-denial and panic mode and not remembering how to pack a suitcase, so there’s that. But honestly, that’s always worth the risk, and I’ve been known to get anxiety simply when the Apple rainbow spinning ball appears on my computer screen, so maybe I am a little over-anxious in the first place.

But I think it’s going to be a good two months. No, I know it’s going to be good. I’ll be teaching kids at a camp how to make iPhone and iPad games in a whole different timezone and even though it’s not like I’m going to live in a tent in the African Sahara or in a hand-built hammock in a New Zealand forest, the smallest little sense of adventure that accompanies me to this summer job away from my usual routine is so welcome.

So, anyone have any tips for packing your life away? Does a big Texas flag double as a bed comforter? Should I take any precautions for living in the desert?

And most importantly, will my hair be as big as its usual namesake when across state lines?

7 responses to “A Life Update Of Sorts

  1. Get it girl! Have a blast!!!! oh and as for this, “Does a big Texas flag double as a bed comforter?” Yes, always.

  2. That’s so exciting!!! I’ve never been to Arizona, but I’ve noticed in dry places that drying hair directly after getting out of the shower when the room is still steamy will gain some of that good ol’ Texas esque humidity great for gravity-defying hair :)

    And oh my goodness oh my goodness, the bottom left photo! Where is such a magical place?!

    • I’ve never been either but I am excited too! And I will be sure to put all my good hair tricks to use, including this one.

      And it’s called the Cathedral Of Junk! It’s actually the same place as the picture of that huge trash pile! You SO need to take your camera and go, it’s this guy’s backyard in South Austin, Zack and I went and it is so neat and so hard to take in in just one afternoon!

  3. The Blond Pond

    I moved to a totally different country 4 months ago. How to pack your life when you know it’s going to change completely? I’m not good at it. I still have too much left behind, and a lot bought in between.
    Good luck for your summer job adventure, the pics were lovely! x

  4. Totally know what you mean…currently trying to get a job in Paris, but now it could actually happen I’m starting to doubt and wonder if I should just be back at home in England, the ‘safe’ option. Which is so silly!

  5. One time I blogged about eating a bagel and it being really good.
    Hope all’s well out West!

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