And, in the most dramatically ironic moment of my life yet – I AM EMPLOYED.


                            -at a Starbucks, in my hometown.

Yep. Baby steps.

If you know me at all, know my relationship with coffee at all and how it is a full-fledged obsession in my life, know my relationship with my hometown at all and how I’m terrified of being stuck in it forever but also welcoming of its safe place, please laugh at this irony with me. I couldn’t write a plot point this interesting if I tried.

But seriously, it’s employment and I am more than grateful. It’s something to do while I remain persistent at breaking into the music and media industry somehow! I mean, I am not knocking this AT ALL, in fact, I am doing happy cartwheels! And as my best friend Zack put it so perfectly, I get to spend all day being surrounded by my boyfriend: coffee!

But also, the irony. OH, the irony.

So, drop by sometime. I’ll make you a lion-haired latte.*

(*But there won’t actually be hair in it, cause that’s really gross. Should we call it something else? Just a “lion latte”? A “blogaccino”? A “postgrad mocha”? You decide.)

14 responses to “I’M IRONICALLY EMPLOYED

  1. I’m going to be living in Kingwood, as an unemployed post-grad!!! So get ready to serve me some lion lattes…all summer long!

  2. i like postgrad mocha ill take one of those in two weeks please (:

  3. wha-? wait, I JUST SAW YOU! That was fast. Um, which one so I can come harrass you all the time :)

  4. LOLOLOLOL!!! I laughed at the last part. That’s awesome! It is the best job for you ever! Now you can write jingles for Starbucks!

  5. Congrats on your new job!

  6. Holy frak. I am loving this so very much. Please tell me you’re at the NP bucks? I must know. Tweet me ;) (lamest thing I’ve ever said).

  7. I hope that’s your official company photo.

  8. so very happy for you!!!! yay! :)

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