Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

Howdy! I know we just met, but I’m already excited for you and a little intimidated by you at the same time! After all, you’re just barely here and I already have so many plans and dreams and hopes for you, so, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share a little of them with you. We don’t have to call them resolutions, in fact, let’s just call them I-REALLY-SHOULDS:


take the time to redesign and improve the look of this blog!

stop spending so much moolah at starbucks (or at least, stick to talls!)

get my first, real, paying  “big girl” job! please!

eat more vegetables (duh)

craft/create DIY things that i actually like and will use

learn to walk in heels (or at least so i don’t look like a struggling baby giraffe)

invest in a nice camera and start documenting more

continue writing songs!

actually try and develop a normal, regular sleep schedule

call my family more often

find a shade of lipstick that i like besides bright red (although it is so tres glamorous, darling!)

learn to play another instrument

give more hugs

make more pancakes

trust that the Lord has a plan for my life and rest in that assurance (no matter how much fear of the future can make me a little anxiety ball)

So, 2012, let’s make a deal – you help me make these happen and I’ll try and celebrate you as much as possible. After all, I need an excuse to wear a party hat more often!



What are YOUR own I-Really-Shoulds? Let’s hear em!

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