everyday crimes (of which i am slightly guilty)

everyday crimes

(of which i am slightly guilty)

taking an extra splenda at starbucks even if i don’t need it

the messy bun: all day, every day

playing my guitar out of tune because i’m lazy


yelling out “liquid gooooooooooooold” in quiet situations

having a redneck side (and just wanting to ride around in my truck, singalong to hank williams jr and get whiskey bent and hell bound)

having a hipster side (and just wanting to wear black-rimmed glasses, scarves and listen to rare vinyl all day)

buying too many items with hearts on them

getting sucked into every single wedding, hoarding and extreme-couponing show that TLC produces

promising that i’m going to be productive and then spending the next 5 hours listening to old bruce springsteen bootlegs

getting a serious case of blog-envy when i see other, cute, crafty and stylish blogs and that keeping me from updating my little blog for a while (but then reminding myself that i am a rockstar, too, and to keep on writing!)

waiting FOREVER between haircuts

making too many lists as blog posts

what are you guilty of?!

6 responses to “everyday crimes (of which i am slightly guilty)

  1. Lately I have been guilty of rolling out of bed 10 minutes before I have to leave for work and foregoing makeup/hair/whatever. I guess I don’t mind looking a mess if it means a few extra minutes of shut-eye. :P

    • ha story of my LIFE! i am so not a morning person either and putting on eyeliner half-asleep is both a blessing and a curse. i give you permission to rock the messy bun whenever ya need!

  2. I am guilty of having your blog on my radar for months and just now commenting, or, in your words “leaving a roar of my own”. Sorry bout it #tvnewsgirlproblems #ohwaitthisisnotatwitter #saiditdontregretit yeah try figuring those out!

  3. Is it just me or is your blog snowing?

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