Tent-Or-Treat ; Year 4

(Don’t worry, internet, you don’t even have to read! It’s time for another SHAMELESS PHOTO POST!)

I’ve shared before about the annual tradition that my friends and I have of camping on Halloweekend, but I have to say that it truly does get sweeter every year. I mean, dressing up has its perks and Halloween parties can be entertaining, but I’m spoiled by expecting the great outdoors when the end of October rolls around.

This year’s highlights included-

Actually getting the tent up and assembled in less than an hour (instead of 4)

Singing “All Star” at the top of our lungs around the campfire

Making snugglers since this is the first year we are all of legal drinking age!!! (seriously so good)

Freezing to death when the sun went down, even with 7 people inside of a supposed “4-person tent”

Waking up and going hiking the next morning

Channeling Katniss Everdeen and reinacting scenes from The Hunger Games in the woods

Being young and carefree and all those other great adjectives

We started this tradition freshman year, now we’re seniors, and it’s been a grand 4 years. (Hence Z & I’s 4 hand signage!) So, excuse me if I get a bit sappy, but, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR?! We’ll have to figure out how to skype-camp if we’re not in the same place. It’s gonna be crafty, but I think we could attempt to have a cross-city-campfire…just know that if you smell something burning next October 31st…you never read this blog post.

Here’s to plaid flannel and smores and smelling like campfire with the best people in my life. Always.

(All these fantastic photos are credited to my lovely roommate and bandmate, CZ !)

2 responses to “Tent-Or-Treat ; Year 4

  1. Im glad the forest didn’t burn down on you like it did to our unlucky hero(K-deen)

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