Questions That Shouldn’t Keep Me Awake At Night But Inevitably Do

Questions that shouldn’t keep me awake at night…but, inevitably, do:

Why does the bus insist on being extremely late when I have to stand next to the smelly guy at the stop?

Why does my cat hate me?

Why does Jeff Bridges look so much like Kris Kristofferson and why did I not notice it until last week?

What will in be doing in less than 2 months when I graduate college and am on my own?

Why is my hair not as perfect as Blake Lively’s?

What am I eating tomorrow for breakfast?

Is November 2nd too early to be listening to Christmas music?

Is there such thing as soulmates?

Why isn’t Lisa Frank still relevant and making adult-sized products?

If I wrote a screenplay, would anyone like it?

What will Beyoncé name her baby?

What if I dropped out of school and started writing music full time?

How much leopard print is “too much”?

Why does every female in romantic comedies somehow seem to perfectly find that balance between “cute and flirty” and “fiesty and independent”? Is that even possible? Can I find that?!


Could Meryl Streep ever deliver a bad acting performance?

Are we sure that time travel isn’t possible yet?

Is growing up and getting older always gonna be this bittersweet?

4 responses to “Questions That Shouldn’t Keep Me Awake At Night But Inevitably Do

  1. Growing up is what we named the American dream. You never have to be any different than you are now.

  2. Ha! You’re adorable. My falling asleep questions used to drive my ex insane. “Do frogs have ears?” “Was that burgundy monster from Sesame Street named Telly? or Sully?” “Are turkeys named after Turkey?”

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