This Lion’s Den

(Don’t worry, internet, you don’t even have to read! It’s time for another SHAMELESS PHOTO POST!)

Thinking about the real world and being a grownup and all that entails is a scary thought. And so I present you with something that comforts me always- home!

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a nester. When it comes to my home and space, I like to curl up and be surrounded by colors and things that I love, despite if they match or even belong. You know how some people adopt animals? I adopt decor and inspiration ideas and throw them together in my little space. Luckily I live with a roommate who feels the same. So I thought I’d share our little haphazard apartment, because even when I am stressed or freaking out that I’m a senior and will be graduating in less than 2 months to take on the real world, I walk into our place and I instantly am cheered and safe and comfortable.

Welcome to the Lion’s den! (Or at least, a few selected rooms of our ‘estate’)

we really like heart-shaped things.

…..and hamburgers….

and cluttered shelves.

(judge me, but vinyl is the one hipster habit i can’t quit!)

(who says a cooler can’t be a tv stand?)


I really love little details and knickknacks, like my ‘inspiration shelf’

the gumball lamp,

the fact that our microwave wears a sombrero,

and the fact that the hamburger chair has recently been altered to accommodate a certain furry roommate.

I don’t really believe in following any major design rules, except to buy things that entertain me and make me happy! I’m still developing my personal style so I don’t worry about making everything a theme, although most of the time I end up leaning towards the 1970s and vintage mixed with comfort. And you know, I might grow out of the lava lamp someday and maybe tone back the music memorabilia a little, but I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my man Jimi.

I mean, some things are just necessary.

What inspires the decor in your den?

10 responses to “This Lion’s Den

  1. I adore your apartment! :)

    Surrealistic Pillow and Rumours are two of my all-time favorite albums. The Beatles stuff is absolutely awesome, and I’m jealous of your bookcases.

    Awesome job!

  2. RUMOURS!!! i like all of this even though there is lots of that scary dolly lady.

    …however… i did not see a copper light anywhere hmmm.

  3. Adorable place and IS THAT BUFFY ON YOUR TELEVISION?? I think we could be friends.

  4. Neat tamby, where’d you get it?

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