Likes Lately; October 2011

Here’s an original post for blogging:


But seriously, is a happy-list a cop-out? Am I denying you my words and rambles to put in little pictures and captions of precious items? Am I trying to brainwash you to like all the same things I like?!?!

Ehh, probs. But, who cares! It’s time for another installment of:


So what do I like right now? Try to hold back your excitement and let’s find out!!!

Nicole Atkins & The Sea

I’m admittedly pretty picky when it comes to girl singers, but the pipes on this lady are incredible! She’s got such a dark unique sound, and I’ve been a fan ever since a good friend of mine played me this song:

From then on, I was hooked and played her old record all the time whenever I wanted to feel like I was in a smoky old club listening to a lady sing the blues. She released a new album at the beginning of this year that is amazing, and of course, I’m a sucker for FREE music and so the fact that she just released a live EP for free online? Makes my heart even more happy. You can download it HERE ; you’ll be oh-so-happy you did.

The Volkswagen Van Tent!

Yes, this is a real thing.  I absolutely love camping and I absolutely love Volkswagen vans/buses. I would very likely live in this creation. What else is there to say about it besides “perfection?”

Stephen Webster’s ‘All About Eve’ Ring

Yes, it’s $29,000. Yes, it’s a little tacky. But I’m a sucker for anything that references old films and anything sparkly and/or serpentine. Sue me.

Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee

I’m a self-admitted caffeine ADDICT, and I don’t mean that lightly. I take my coffee seriously and love everything about it, from the slighty-bizarre culture of coffeeshops to the way a warm mug feels in my hand. Plus, it’s a natural, delicious, pick-me-up, (especially if you’re feeling down, ladies)! However, I’m sitting pretty in Texas, where the weather is still in the 90s in October, so hot coffee isn’t always the most appealing in the heat of the day. I’ve been drooling over the pictures of iced coffee over at The Pioneer Woman’s blog for far too long to not make it myself.

Impromptu Rope Light Photoshoots!

I used to take more photos of my everyday life and document it all, but I get into lazy spells sometimes. Right now I’m attempting to do a much better job. The solution to this? Cute friends (like C, Z, & J!), cute cat , ropelights. (Substitutions for the last 2 could include: puppies, christmas lights, sparklers, bunnies, streamers, cupcakes, balloons, etc.) Add all these and you simply can’t snap a bad shot!

So, that’s my list, but what do you like lately, internet? What’s making you happy? I love hearing good recommendations!

(You can see all the past installments of Likes Lately here!)
Photo credit: 1,2,3,4  5- me!

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