Whenever I talk to my little team of family and friends back in Texas and beyond, they always ask how it feels here in Nashville. And to answer honestly, it feels pretty much the same, but at times it can just be a little weird.

Yes, it’s weird being here on my own.

You see, it’s weird only making coffee for one, instead of adding on cups for two lovely roommates. It’s weird not waking up to a giant poster of Jimi Hendrix greeting me every morning. It’s weird to not be at the river nearly every day, soaking up the sun. It’s weird strumming my guitar and ukulele alone without a bandmate by my side! It’s weird to not have Destiny’s Child group singalongs as frequently as before. It’s weird not staying up late night after night just talking face to face about everything under the sun with the same good people that I’ve depended on for years now. And it’s just plain weird to not be able to order jalapenos at any and every restaurant!

But mainly, it’s weird how fast I feel like I’ve adjusted. Sure, I miss my lone star state and all the people in it with a bunch of my heart, but I’m starting to get attached here, actually. This may come from me adjusting in my truck and not getting lost on the winding roads as much anymore, but I’m not complaining as to the cause.  Nashville, thanks for being a great little home so far. You still feel a little weird, but hey, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a little weird myself.

PS, my fantastic friend Megan and I met the amazing, legendary Chet Atkins this past week and he even let us strum his old guitar-  so nice of him!

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