Siriusly Grand Summer Plans

I’m lazy, I know.

I should have been writing all my deep thoughts down now that it’s summer and free time is all I’ve got, but I’m a sucker for laying in the sun and procrastinating, so I’ll just make you an interactive list, internet.

I’ve been out of school almost a month and so far, I’ve….
listened to a whole lot of Johnny Cash, eaten a heap of tex mex with the family, cut my mane, played on the beach with my best friends, slept in nearly every morning, restrung my guitar and ukulele-

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve packed up my little life and put it all into my pick-up truck to get ready to drive to Nashville, Tennessee for three months?

Yeah, that happened. That happened!!!

In a little less than a week, I’ll start interning for SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Nashville and I am jumping up and down in excitement!

This lion is going places; literally! I am so very grateful for this opportunity, grateful that my parents are so supportive and grateful that my shoe collection somehow was able to fit in one bag! I’m nervous and anxious but I’m also counting down the hours. I’m a little sad about three months away from all my family and friends and away from my home state, but you know, I think the good far outweighs the nerves. Not to mention, at least if I have any say, this summer will have a pretty fantastic soundtrack.

My cowboy boots, ukulele and coffeemaker are packed. Essentials? Check.

Stay gold till I return, Texas. See you soon, Tennessee!!

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2 responses to “Siriusly Grand Summer Plans

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