My Best Friend Has A Blog!

While I am still in the middle of completing the sequel to this somewhat pretentious, but very heartfelt post, I thought I would share some important, life-changing news:


That’s right, internet, look no further than HERE for a taste of my other half. He’s hilariously witty and pop culture saavy and also one of the most talented writers I have the pleasure of knowing personally. I don’t just promote any blog around, and I can only tell you that even though we see each other close to 8+ hours a day, I wait on the edge of my seat for each post of his, too! The boy is talented and wonderful and will probably deny those claims after he sees this post- but he is! So go read away to your heart’s content! (and for bonus points, mention Barefoot Contessa, Black Swan, Doctor Who or plaid shirts. Works every time!)

2 responses to “My Best Friend Has A Blog!

  1. this guy you speak of sounds super sexy

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