Two Weeks Left

It is getting to that point in the semester where I start sleeping in my yoga class clothing so I can sleep in an extra five minutes.

We can call this a continuation of this post, because all I’ve been feeling lately is senioritis. I can’t write a blog post, much less a ten-page paper, no matter if it is double-spaced or not. Graduation for this lion is in December, but that feels as soon as this afternoon.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. I’ve been setting mental incentives for myself to be productive, like having Destiny’s Child dance parties when I get home from class, convincing myself that I’ll see Robert Downey Jr on campus if I take good notes and walking into every hour-and-fifty-minute block believing that confetti and balloons are going to drop from the ceiling at the end of my professors’ lectures.

Whatever works, right?

Two more weeks of caffeine-fueled schooldays and then it’s finals and semester’s end, internet. The fact that I am finishing this post as fast as I can, clutching a second cup of coffee in my bed so I can get twenty minutes more sleep before Spanish might be a little sad, but I just remember that truthfully, and according to my wise father, that college isn’t the real world anyway.

I have already mentally decided that today’s incentive in going to class is to read the best thing to have ever been in my mailbox after. Don’t keep me late, professors, I’ve got a date with a soul-power princess.

(Oh, and if you don’t love Adele a whole lot yet, I suggest starting to, although, I might be a little biased.)

4 responses to “Two Weeks Left

  1. Last night on Glee’s new episode “Night of Neglect”, Gwenyth Paltrow sang Adele’s Turning Tables. I wish I would’ve been a bigger fan of Adele to have heard the original before hand and appriciated it more. Gwenyth didn’t do bad…Adele is just…well you know. =]

  2. Did that issue of Rolling Stone come with with a complimentary gift card to The Cheesecake Factory / 3 sticks of butter?

    Frying in the deep / eating bagels / I set fryer to 11 to make a bunch of onion rings,
    – Florence

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