Good Day Sunshine!

It’s not that I lack motivation or have given up on studies completely, but how can I simply be forced to sit inside a classroom and listen to a professor lecture on when the SUN is outside, yelling at me to come play?!

I’ve never been particularly outdoorsy. My family went camping a lot growing up (probably why smores and tents and the smell of campfires make me so happy) and I absolutely love being by the water but I’m not ready to ditch my comfortable apartment and live in the wilderness yet, foraging for nuts and berries. I am, however, not opposed to having my after-yoga-morning-coffee outside on our hammock and soaking up the sunshine like it is going out of style. I mean, really, what is better than this?

I’ll be honest with you, internet- I don’t know what my summer plans are yet. I am waiting to hear back from internships in different locations, nervous about how plans might fall together and crossing my fingers for someone to hire me. I’ve been praying about it, filling out so many applications, attaching resumes and making phone calls but in the end I’m still waiting to find out where I end up. But I rest assured that no matter where I am, I will be basking in the outdoors as much as I can, because after being in a classroom roughly 3/4s of my little life, I’m kinda ready to get out.

Call it senioritis.

Call it summer fever.

Whatever you call it, please make sure that it gets here soon and that it brings warm playful days. I’ll have my SPF and sunnies ready as always.

And of course, here you go, internet- have a little cartoon and song to brighten your morning! It is sung by my favorites, after all:

4 responses to “Good Day Sunshine!

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  2. world changers hammock?

    • ha! that thing is still unopened. this one is from Guatemala, actually…but i’ll never forget the honor of the world changers hammock.

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