Happy Birthday, Mama!

I hope you have your party hats ready, internet, because today is my sweet Mama’s birthday! That’s right, the mother of this lion is the main (and mane) celebration happening on this lovely April 6th.

People often say that I’m turning into my mother, which, given our resemblance, could be pretty accurate. Observe:

But besides the obvious, I have to say that turning into this wonderful woman is not anything to shake a stick at. She truly was and still is the original lion-haired girl, and for that I am so thankful. She taught me about the world- from bible stories to how to write and everything in between. The clothing from her closet often ends up in mine (especially denim vests and turquoise…oh yes, like mother, like daughter!) and her recipes are like golden tickets. My musical knowledge and love is primarily all her and my dad’s fault; George Strait, Led Zeppelin and Earth Wind & Fire were all names I knew by age 5. She and I can hardly talk on the phone for under 30 minutes and even then, we still have plenty more to say.

If I can be as confident, hilarious, in-love-with-life, positive, strong and beautiful as this woman, then I will have achieved all I could ever want.

When it comes down to it,  just give me a good playlist, meaningful conversation, spicy food, a few sarcastic remarks and some strong cowboy boots to dance in. What can I say? Mama taught me well.

Happy Birthday, Mama Lion!

(this one’s for you!):

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