Spring Break; Day 1

In case you didn’t know,


This is the time when college students like myself are supposed to be irresponsible, right?! What is this lion up to? Look out, world!!

Okay, so I’m not in Seaside Heights, but I am enjoying my break. While this holiday is normally assuredly meant for college students like myself to make poor decisions, yell “woo!” and come back with sunburns, if that is the case, I will be leading a rather less-than-normal week. What’s in the plans? Who knows, honestly! But I can assure you that I’ll share with you, internet. (So kind of me, I know.)

So what has Day 1 of this magical holiday held? Well…not a whole lot that translates into excitement. You see, when I’m at school, I’m surrounded by people so I never really get much done. When I’m home, though, I can take that usually-booked free time and accomplish things on my to-do list, which includes APPLYING FOR INTERNSHIPS. This lion is growing up! My summer is currently banking on working somewhere, hopefully that has a great reputation and would be fun. However, because I’ve been typing cover letters and applications for summer internships all day long (cross your fingers and pray that this lion is hired!), I’m sparing you more typing and giving you a video instead of my CRAZY spring break so far. After all, internet, if I know anything, it’s that you love videos, especially featuring pugs with breathing problems. Enjoy!

(Sadly the Jersey Shore photo may have been altered. Slightly. Original photo credit: here.)

6 responses to “Spring Break; Day 1

  1. I WANT DAT PUG!!!!

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love pugs.

  3. Epic headphones!! XD

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