Good Enough

A few months down the road and I guess I can finally come to terms with the title, “blogger.” I write, I comment, sometimes I make somewhat of a point, most times I ramble. But that’s normal in the blogging world, right? Is it a little ridiculous to make a blog post about making a blog post? We’re about to find out. (Hint: I’m leaning toward yes.)

Honestly, I struggle to fill this little update box sometimes. Though I love words and phrases and usually have a few spinning around in my brain, I get all sorts of secondary concerns- will anyone like this? Does anyone else feel this same way? Will this make anyone laugh? Will this offend anyone? Will this bore anyone? Are my pictures high-resolution and interesting enough? CAN I INCORPORATE PUPPIES AND/OR BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN? (Usually, no.)

Ahem, but while this is now turning into, “Let’s Talk About Lion-Haired Girl’s Insecurities” Hour, I assure you this entry has a point. I’ll attempt to make it now.

I’m reading a book for my newswriting class (thanks, college!) called Give Me A Break by John Stossel, and though usually assigned readings only stick in my head long enough to be quizzed over, he has a lot to say that is currently resonating with my creative  and educational self. (And he’s got a killer mustache!…but I digress).

Stossel says, among many other stories and great little paragraphs, that “Perfect is the enemy of good”.

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Let that sink in a little.

Honestly, that phrase has been rocking around in my head for a while now. I think that so often I don’t write words or pursue something even larger because it seems like I don’t have every miniscule detail worked out yet. I think most people, specifically our generation, struggle with this, because we see photoshopped-and-edited-perfection displayed around us 24/7. Everyone wants instant success that happens in a second, but it has to be untouchably elaborate as well. You can’t write the first chapter of the novel until you’ve written the gripping sequel. You can’t sing along because your voice might crack here and there.  You can’t talk about something you don’t already know every differing opinion and research about, because speculation isn’t perfection. You can’t dance cause you might misstep.

I’ll acknowledge that I struggle, but I say that all of this is ridiculous! Start dancing, internet! We get so caught up in having a finished product that we never even start building!

While I think we should always be striving towards the best, you can produce something or a million somethings, in that same strive. Perfection doesn’t happen on the first try or overnight, it takes passion and trial-and-error and yes, even measly little blog posts. Perfection doesn’t land in your lap–that is, unless you’re James Dean, cause he is pretty perfect. Observe:

No, seriously, how perfect is he? Did I just want an excuse to post a lovely picture of James Dean? Of course not. Is he a stone cold fox? Certainly. But I promise, this is completely relevant. Absolutely….yes.

Keep creating, internet. I’m going to do my best to share my ‘good’ with you, confidently, even if it’s a little rough around the edges. But honestly, I might be a little stingy with sharing James Dean. Sorry ’bout it.

(Photo Credit: here!)

4 responses to “Good Enough

  1. You are so inspiring. This is why I love you. Fo sho.

  2. Yeah, he was perfect, except for the whole DYING IN A CAR CRASH THING. Checkmate.

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