Two & A Half Small Victories

There were other subjects I was going to blog about today, but there is BREAKING NEWS that I feel I must share with you, internet.


While this may not be important news to you, this is life-altering to me. Perhaps I hype situations, but for many reasons, this is a victory on several fronts. In my little head, I sometimes aspire to do something crazy with my life like write for television, and for the past 7 years, the bane of my existence at times is to see the constantly number one rated comedy on television be the LAZIEST written half-hour in existence. The premise is so weak, the jokes aren’t funny, the acting is cringe-worthy and the laugh track feels so out of place. The characters are so sad and unchanging- Charlie Sheen womanizes time after time, Jon Cryer keeps being uptight and socially inept and Angus T. Jones is just a half-grown up kid who might mirror his uncle or maybe his father. Really? For 7 seasons now? It’s ridiculous! Sure, we can talk for hours about Charlie Sheen and his shenanigans, but that fact of the matter is that original, well-scripted, compelling and creative television shows get canceled or are never even considered because networks cling to what makes money, and frankly, what makes money isn’t usually the greatest. I know that we should please the public and I see nothing wrong with sitcom format, but Two & A Half Men just irks me uncontrollably.

So, receiving this very news that Two & A Half Men might receive cancellation? I don’t want to say that I’ve won, internet, but just know that I woke up breathing a little easier. Also, I wrote a song about this matter years ago. I even mentioned Charlie Sheen by name! (GASP!!!)

Just between us, maybe my music is prophetical? Perhaps I can predict the future with lyrical lines? What ever will I do with such power, internet?!?!

Remind me to write a song about The Beatles coming back to life and reuniting. That, and one about puppies staying young forever. Oh, and maybe one about me having a successful tv show in the future. Also, animals talking. Any requests?

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3 responses to “Two & A Half Small Victories

  1. that i, one day, will become a native american chief.

  2. TheZaniac (Yeah, it's Zane)

    …You never cease to amaze me, Lionhair Person. :D

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