(Preface: Sometimes I have white girl problems, or problems that don’t really matter and are silly and not life-threatening in the slightest. Also, someone on twitter has this field covered completely. If you need to learn more- click here. Genius.)

Ultimate White Girl Problem of my life: I don’t know why I don’t already have a professional photographer following me and my friends around paparazzi-style and documenting our everyday existence!

Seriously, there are so many moments that, I think, when captured on film, might just change the world.

Well that, and I’m a little selfish and I like looking at my friends and having cool vintage-y deeply focused shots of every little thing I do. I blame this visual now-generation I was born into. I also blame you, blogosphere. I mean, really, there’s so many blogs that exist simply to put richly-colored 3x5s out there for the viewing public to admire.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, this little blog will never be that way. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE photos and try to take as many as I can, but I’m no professional. I adore photoblogs and google image search obsessively, but when it comes down to it, I am most often a woman of words. That, and I’m a college student, so expensive cameras evade me. However, I will try my darndest to mix both mediums! Collaboration is key.

Anyway, this dream of being followed by multiple Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs (she’s a beauty) and getting every little stoplight reaction, walk to and from class, fill up at the gas station, dollar store run, high five, nap, and all the rest captured in high definition is still a work in progress. For now, a photo booth at our good friends’ wedding a few weeks ago will have to do the trick in capturing just a little snippet into the life I feel beyond blessed to have.

Thanks, Central Texas J-Booth! And psst…wanna start following us around? Just thought I’d ask.

2 responses to “Photogreatphic

  1. One my favorite lines from “I Wish I Could Go Back To College” from Avenue Q is

    I wish I had taken more pictures


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