Likes Lately

Here’s an original post for blogging:


But seriously, is a happy-list a cop-out? Am I denying you my words and rambles to put in little pictures and captions of precious items? Am I trying to brainwash you to like all the same things I like?!?!

Ehh, probs. But, onward, to the list!!!


40 Blinks Sleep Mask- Okay, so I have a very love/hate relationship with sleeping, as in, I love to sleep but I hate that I’m so bad at it. No seriously, if sleeping well was a class, I would be failing. However, for some reason I get a little zen feeling when I slip this baby on over my mane and it keeps out all distractions. Okay, I still have insomniac tendencies, but hey, ultimately it is kind of adorable.

Paula Deen’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies– I’m no domestic goddess, but I have a really large sweet tooth and these are ahh-mazing. In addition to the fact that they are made by God’s Fallen ButterQueen Angel, they are so simple you can’t hardly screw anything up and every time I’ve made them I’ve gotten rave reviews…as in, they disappear almost instantly. – I know I already have this linked on the side of my blog, but it deserves being mentioned twice! Free music every day + posts that makes my indie-rock-new-band-bloggin’ heart sing, literally!

And finally, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the expression, “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” in the past few months, but now that even my parents have even taken to quoting him, I simply must make sure you’ve seen this piece of internet wonder. Without further ado, Sassy Gay Friend, take it away…

What do you like lately, internet? What’s making you happy? I love hearing good recommendations!

4 responses to “Likes Lately

  1. Sassy Gay Friend is great. It’s strange how the dichotomy of sketch comedy has almost completely shifted to the internet being the primary source of zeitgeist humor rather than anything on the big networks……..maybe it’s not interesting…

    For the first time ever, I’m thoroughly enjoying 30 Rock. It’s like the romantic comedy where the dude and chick are just buds the whole time and the dude can’t get the girl he wants but then he realizes his chick friend is the one he wanted all along. It’s like that.

    And 22 Words is a great blog by Abraham Piper….he must’ve had an awesome father who I love.

    Also, I’m enjoying NUMBERS on CBS (not really, that was a joke 1001101)

  2. any and all things that are crochet.

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