Go ahead and call me cultured.

Today I wore French sunglasses, lipstick manufactured in New York, drank coffee from New Guinea out of a mug made in China, and watched a (brilliant!!) British television show.

I also find myself constantly listening to killer Spanish rhythms, and heck, I even have a map of the entire earth on the wall of my apartment.

And you know what? Today was not an especially different day in particular, actually. I suppose I’m just overflowing with worldliness all the time, right?

If you’ll allow me to get ~serious for just a minute, internet, I think we tend to think that we’re doing a good job of accepting other cultures and blending them altogether in a delicious world-awareness smoothie and drinking it daily. We like to think that we’re pretty informed and that there’s not much else we can do to know the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, I think sometimes my consumerism is about as cultural as I get. It’s not that I shy away from meeting people different than I am, but I think for the most part, I don’t focus on learning about what makes them tick beyond pretty pictures on (although they are really pretty.)

I know this girl who is involved with an organization called The World Race, wherein she will be taking a year off from school to go to 11 countries in 11 months and simply connecting with people there and showing them God’s love; from children in orphanages to prostitutes in slavery to possibly somewhat-scatterbrained twenty year-olds like myself.

Awesome, yes?!

I am so excited to follow her blog and see what and who she encounters, but I’m aware that not every single person can simply take a year off to help others.

So what can I do? There’s millions of organizations that are reaching out, thousands of programs and products that donate proceeds, but in addition to that, I think it’s a conscious thing. Having a mindset of the world, per say, of more than what’s just in front of me is harder to achieve than all of my New Year’s resolutions combined.

But I think it’s worth a try, even if it means keeping up more with Kazakhstan and less with the Kardashians.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney will understand.

(Flag Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

2 responses to “Worldly…ish

  1. When you said Killer Spanish Rhythms, I immediately thought of the Menendez Brothers on bongos and cowbell…..that’s not what you were referring to though, so I was mistaken.

    What does “having a mindset of the world” mean to you? God’s Gospel and your purpose in its story is a global thing that will reach and last far beyond are 50 measly states (including the ones with crosshairs on ’em! Unintentional death threat from Palin FTW! / Topical! / Poor taste! / My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by that terrible tragedy!) And look, I get it (I GET it), it’s hard out here for middle-class, college student whitey to get a whole heaping of legitimate daily diverity being smack dab center in the third loop of the buckle of the Bible belt, but what do you think you can do to change that? What are some practical steps you’d like to take to be better informed and be a better missionary for not just your own culture but the ones you might not experience on a daily basis?

    Porter OUT

  2. Thank you.
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