Tigers and Bears Ain’t Got Nothin’

Confession: I don’t actually think of myself as a lion.*

*Okay, so there are occasional moments, but mainly the title “Lion-Haired Girl” derives from my enormous mane of hair and the accompanying nicknames it has gained throughout life. After various occasions, I grew quite close to the title “Lion-Haired” and so established it as a blog name, for better or worse.

However, in taking on this title, I have suddenly become more aware and interested in Popular Lion Culture. After all, if I am to go on representing lions everywhere to society, I might as well know them through-and-through.

And what better way to do that then with a list?! (Yeah, there might actually be a better way…but I happen to love lists.)

Lion-Haired Girl’s Popular Lions To Know!

(+ accompanying pros and Cons of each)

Simba, The Lion King

PROS: He cannot wait to take the throne, is a bit of a romantic, makes friends with outcasts from all walks of life and sets the standard for a well-maintained mane.
CONS: Has vivid dreams in bodies of water, an odd accompanying baboon, and a bit of a rough family life, including a slew of daddy-issues and an overbearing uncle.

Aslan, The Chronicles Of Narnia

PROS: He is gentle yet intimidating, literally self-sacrificing, fights battles with ease, was written into existence by one of the greatest literary geniuses to ever live, and has, in my opinion, a very soothing voice.
CONS: You have to live up to his already-high standards. I mean, what does anyone talk about with Aslan? You can’t just water-cooler it up. He’s got the worries of Narnia’s inhabitants and the burden of protecting them, so I hardly think he’d be reading US Weekly and googling pictures of cupcakes with me.

Elsa, Born Free

PROS: She’s abandoned so a couple takes her in and they raise her and then they have to set her free….I mean, she loves them…and…they love her…and then she comes back…and her paws…sorry, I need tissues for this one.
CONS: Has anyone else ever seen this classic? Anyone? I always reference it and get blank stares. But oh well, my grandmother and I will keep singing the main title and sniffling at the end.

Leo The Lion, The Beginning of every MGM Film

PROS: He’s pretty famous and recognizable and gets to roar his loudest before several great stories are told via film.
CONS: It’s like Aslan, I mean, who’s going to live up to that? He’s practically an icon. You just know he’s a diva, even though all he’s got going for him is that one measly meow.

Conclusion: While this is not a competition, it’s clear I’ve got some serious standards to live up to. I will not take things lightly. If I am to grow this mane, I promise to protect the Lion image, internet.

Yes, I will stand for justice and loyalty and leadership and freedom and massive manes everywhere.

But first, I’m working on my roar.

(Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, & 4. Edited/”Enhanced” by yours truly.)

5 responses to “Tigers and Bears Ain’t Got Nothin’

  1. I seriously love this post and all your lion pictures. Funny.

  2. I gotta feeling this guy knows what you’re talking about:

    • You know what, that would probably work better with an actual picture. Let’s try that again (cause I can’t delete them comments)

      I gotta feeling this guy knows what you’re talking about.

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