Sometimes I remember that I love cliched girls-before-going-out-on-the-town pictures.

Sometimes getting stuck in traffic is wonderful, if it means getting to listen to an entire album and sing along with your best friend with hand motions at stoplights.

Sometimes looking at Christmas lights and hearing holiday greetings makes me get all sappy and over-emotionally happy. Thanks, X chromosomes.

Sometimes I spend an entire day glued to a book I cannot put down for anything in the world, only to feel both relieved and accomplished from the marvelous journey but also sad at the end cause I’ll miss the characters.

Sometimes I drink coffee four times a day and brush it off like it’s normal.

Sometimes I take the whole playing-music-for-a-living dream seriously for about ten minutes and it is both the most exciting thing and the most scary thing in my brain. So, when I’m stuck between taking music seriously and having fun, I strike a happy medium. And sometimes, more often than not, that results in a little happy song.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Feel free to send me some snow, it’s 75 degrees and humid here in Texas. Hopefully Santa packed a tank top.

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