Capital Playin’

Two things- I think my generation (and this includes me!) has the idea that whoever has the craziest friday-night-plans-photos wins a prize and that whoever discovers something brand new and exciting to do wins a second less-flashy prize.

So, in fact, would it be contradictory for me to include photos of my weekend excursions? Am I giving in to this competition? Is that destroying my image? Am I supposed to be above it all?

All I’m saying is if you’re stuck and out of ideas of what to do on a cold evening, pack yourself a frisbee and play on the lawn of the Capital building at midnight.

Works like a charm.

And you never know, you might meet a few Santas who will put you in the ever-infectious Christmas Spirit! (Even if these Santas smell like Creme de Menthe and Beef n’ Cheese.)

Happy early Christmas, internet! I hope you get everything you ask for this year.


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