Pumpkins and Harmonicas

I’ve hardly been able to sit down and commit to writing because life is HAPPENING!

Not to say that it wasn’t before, but in my three years of college so far, I always notice that the fall just seems to move at a faster pace. Maybe it’s the cold weather that finally reaches us down here in Texas, maybe it’s the fact that we go stir-crazy as our classes seem to be dragging on til the end, or maybe it’s just because the changing leaves make us eager to change it up.

Whatever it is, the door to our little apartment has been constantly opening with guests and friends bearing baked goods and stories, and I am in no mood to complain!

Roommate C and I tend to strum around and harmonize in our free time and we made a little road trip to her hometown…..

…and played a little show in a pumpkin patch.

1 guitar, 1 ukulele, 5 harmonicas, 2 hours of strumming and well, all the technicalities and practice and occasional little mess-ups aside, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday. Did I mention it was a pumpkin patch? Talk about dedication to theme.

Did I consider swiping all those pumpkins to make a giant pie?

Yes, yes I did.

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