Words Of Wisdom: An Intro

I have this……habit.

You see, in this head of mine I have a little dream to be a television writer someday. Because of this, dialogue swirls around in my brain happily, I script conversations before I have them, and when I hear a wonderful phrase, I get mildly obsessed.

Unfortunately, this means I have a habit of writing down things people have said and quoting them at a later date.

Fortunately, I am apt to share them. After all, I do believe that the people I love are rockstars and deserve to be celebrated in word form!

So, without further ado, I present you the first and hopefully not last installment of Words Of Wisdom, wherein I share a quote by someone near-and-dear to me that has inspired me recently.

“All I want to do is be a Real Housewife…and make this packet of HEB Country Gravy mix. In that order.”

-Zack Wilburn, on his future hopes and dreams

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