Get to know your Lion

There might be a quiz later.

1. I started a blog because:

a). I talk much more than I listen, so I hope to write some of it down to get all these thoughts out and learn to listen better.

b). I like to write, honestly, whether the words are inspired or just journal-y.

c). I have a lot of free time and whimsy and I get bored easily (see #6)

2. My friends and family are like rockstars in my life. I talk about them a lot, I love them a lot, I get excited at the mere mention of their names.

3. That said, there’s not much I enjoy more than sharing a meal with people I love.

4. I aim to live my life following the words and grace of Jesus Christ. He reminds me of his goodness and teaches me more daily.

5. I love music- hearing it, playing it, sharing it, dancing with it on, blaring it in my car, talking about it, learning about it, falling asleep to it, waking up to it, obsessing about it. I’m not too picky genre-wise, but anything I can see live makes my little heart skip a beat.

6. I’m in college currently, so my schedule changes by the minute, my goals and dreams are constantly still being defined, and my mindset is young but learning. Also, this means I have a lot of free time and a short attention span.

7. I daydream a lot, mostly about working in television someday and homemade pies.

8. I like lists, but I can’t possibly explain it all here, so I will end the awkward first post get-to-know-me time now!

9. Oh, and I almost forgot- I have big Dolly-Parton-at-times Southern-style blonde hair that stands high like a lion’s mane.

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